Why Wonder Woman

The world is a buzz with the recent release of Wonder Woman (2017), and since it’s been a while since I’ve written, I’ve decided to write just a little bit about my love of the character and answer the questions “Why did we need a Wonder Woman Movie?”

So, I make no secret of my love of Wonder Woman. Last Christmas, my presents were themed (Pins, a bracelet, a mini plushy, even a Lego Keychain). I have a lot of Wonder Woman swag, including my wallet, because “Fudge yea, Wonder Woman!” I even had the Underoos when I was a kid, and I remember being most upset when I got to big for them.

My Wonder Woman Pose

When I was a wee tiny little curly haired baby, the Wonder Woman television show was still on the air. It ran from 1975-1979, and as such, I had not seen it as a child. My superhero exposure in media was “wonder woman exists, look- here’s some puzzles/etc and she’s in a few cartoons” and then Metric butt ton of Superman/batman/Spiderman things around our home. (Especially Spiderman. My baby brother LOVES Spiderman.)

As an adult, I began to read a few comics here and there, and I’ve caught a handful of episodes of the Television series. And as an adult, I simultaneously love and hate the lyrics to the TV theme song.

A reminder of the theme:

The parts that bother me are this:

“In your satin tights, Fighting for your rights”

Really? We need to make a statement about her fashion choices on how she fights?

We may as well say to Superman “Why’s your underwear/hanging out out there?”

Then the one single line “Get us out from under, Wonder Woman.”

Why that line? Get us out from under WHAT? Male oppression? Racism, sexism, classism? The Glass Ceiling? or from under Wonder Woman herself?

The character was designed by a man, has historically been drawn by men, and She herself is often seen as a potential girlfriend for superman (see below).

With this recent film, we have a Wonder Woman directed by a woman. The distinct feminine gaze doesn’t focus on boobs and butts, (not even in a Chris Pine nude scene or in romantic sequences) but instead gets to the good part. Kicking ass!

Wonder Woman is, in at least today’s dialogue, a feminist icon. She’s tough. She’s ferocious. She’s a warrior with no equal. She is a woman who sees glaring gender inequalities in our society as horrific. She’s never had to face sexism in Themyscira, there are no men.

Why wouldn’t women battle, why would they be excluded from War talks, and why would men be rude to one another or fight their own people?

I can see Diana from this film going on to help the suffrage movement (a battle on its own right), rights for reproductive freedom, workplace equality, fight with the civil rights and equal rights movements in the 1960s and beyond.

Satin Tights not required, they’d rip and get in the way. Who wears satin when you can pick up and throw a tank?

For a final note, on the Superman/Wonder Woman romance, I give you some Philosophy from Mall Rats:

I contend that It is not that Wonder Woman is the only man that could keep up with Superman, but Superman is probably the only man that could keep up with her.

Think about it, and here’s some fan art.

I reiterate, she can pick up a tank and toss it with no effort. No mere mortal is a match for her, and only a man as tough as Superman is worthy of her.



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