Voyage Trekkers the Movie – Phoenix Comicon Interview

In this video, Moon Sedai interviews the creators of “Voyage Trekkers,” a web series that shows the life of the “worst crew in the galaxy.”
For Phoenix Comicon, the creative geniuses behind this web series were promoting the Indegogo campaign for the Voyage Trekkers: The Movie.
At the time of this writing, the campaign was already 111% financed, but, as always, more money is better.

Premise for the movie:

The Galactic Union has erupted into a civil war!  It is a time of great turmoil and heroic deeds … but far from the action the GSV Remarkable and her crew continue to receive underwhelming tasks like scanning gas clusters and cargo transport.  But, in a twist of fate, Captain Jack Sunstrike steals the most important mission of the entire war from his legendary brother Reggie Sunstrike. 
The comedy and adventure soar to new heights as the dyfunctional crew find themselves in way over their heads with the fate of the galaxy in their clumsy hands.

The crew is made up primarily of three individuals:
Captain Jack Sunstrike: Because all cool captains are named Jack (Harkness, Sparrow, the Billy Joel Song). He’s the little brother of a more famous Captain Sunstrike (and the direct descendant of two admirals), he is the charismatic leader of the Remarkable.

Doctor Elaine Reina, Chief Medical Officer: At the top of her class, a simple mistake landed her on the Remarkable, a tour of duty (hehe) she’s aching to get out of.

Commander Blake Powell: First officer of the Remarkable. From his Personnel File: “Powell is the best first officer a Captain could ask for.  He never questions authority, always obeys orders, and doesn’t waste time by offering contradictory alternatives to the Captain’s commands.  His other strengths include good personal hygiene and above-average punctuality.”

If you want to learn more about this “Other Guys” meet “Galaxy Quest” series, watch it on their home page!

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