The Dune Sea Garrison of the 501st Legion has Arrived

Hundreds from the Dune Sea Garrison of the 501st Legion are descending on Phoenix Comiccon this weekend. These Storm Trooper Bad-asses are “Bad Guys Doing Good,” said Joe LaFortune, Commanding Officer of the Garrison. “We are part of a worldwide costuming club with a focus on the bad guys.”

501st star wars 5-28-2015 4-16-44 PM

Even members from New Mexico attended.Here is Wayne Sullivan, pictured above, having a good time hamming it up for the camera.

501st star wars 5-28-2015 4-12-15 PM

501st star wars 5-28-2015 12-14-19 PM 501st star wars 5-28-2015 12-15-30 PM

501st star wars 5-28-2015 12-15-18 PM 501st star wars 5-28-2015 12-16-51 PM

Providing tons of fun along with four other local Stars Wars groups: the R2D2 Builders club, Mos Eisley Base of the Rebel Legion, The Dark Empire and the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club.

The Dune Sea Garrison participates in a lot of charity events over the years, including a yearly Toy Drive, Climb the Mountain for Cancer event in Flagstaff, AZ and the Phoenix Multiple Sclerosis (MS) walk where the entire Legion walks 5 miles. The walk has taken a personal turn for the Legion as some of the local members have developed MS themselves.

The Dune Sea Garrison raised over $8000 last year and the entire Legion worldwide has raised millions of dollars.

The Garrison has two requirements to join: (1) One must be over the age of 18. (2) One must have a movie accurate Star Wars villain costume. “But don’t worry,” explains Joe, “We will help you get your costume together.”

All the Star Wars groups meet monthly for a meet-and-greet to get to know each other and help other with group requirements for joining.

For info on the Dune Sea Garrison and their Meet and Greet, visit

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