RamboBrite and the Color Kids

Over a year in the making, enjoy this special effects estravagaza comedy special by the Land of the Nerds Crew!

Director: Lyle Dillie
Editor: Lyle Dillie
Special Effect: Lyle Dillie
Director of Photography: Alma Krueger
Writers: Mandy Oviatt and Morgan Oviatt

RamboBrite: David Dillie
Red Butler: Mandy Oviatt
Lala Orange: Lyle Dillie
Patty O’Green: Melody Gorman
Buddy Blue: Morgan Oviatt
Romeo Sprite: Adam Dillie
Murky Dismal:Jac Ciminera
Lurky: Joshua Dillie
Sgt. Zombo: Eljon Fuerza

Movie Announcer: Legendary Voiceprints

Special Thanks to Matt Krueger

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