I know many of you are thinking that the ouroborus, the snake eating it’s own tail is not a really cool magical lount, but I think you might change your mind when you realize that the serpent is awesome.


Jormundgandr is so large that he encircles the earth with his tail in his mouth. Jormundgandr is the world serpent. Between older Fenris and younger Hel, Jormundgandr is the middle child birthed of Loki(Yes, that one), and one of the most powerful foes of the gods ever. When we talk about how powerful this creature is, understand it in terms that Thor is beaten by it and Thor is nigh-invulnerable (and very worthy). Jormundgandr is so large that when he was hurled from Asgard at the top of Yggdrassil the World Tree, his head had yet to pass the upper branches connecting Alfheim when his tail touched the roots in Helheim at the bottom.




Another story of Jormundgandr is at some point, the mighty Thor decides to go fishing and hooks the World Serpent with a bull’s decapitated head for bait on a hook the size of an oxen yoke. It is said the line was used by giants so I am suspecting some serious steel alloy on that line. Anyway, much like the story of the Old Man and the Sea, Thor and his fishing buddy giant ride out to sea being dragged by their catch. Thor hand reels in the line when the rod snaps and in his tension, puts his feet through the bottom of the boat as he comes face to face with the serpent who is snarling and venomous. The Giant freaks out and cuts the line as Thor goes to hammer bash and Jormundgandr sinks back beneath the waves.

The final Jormundgandr tale involves Thor trying to lift an unliftable cat. A king giant named Utgard Loki (Loki means trickster) bets Thor that he cant lift the palace cat. Thor adjusts his tie and says “Challenge Accepted Bro!” He uses all his muscles lifting with his back, because… you know Thor is big on safety. Anyway, he lifts as high as he can, but the cat goes limp. The feline back becomes a slinky, the arching is truly impressive, the cat appears annoyed, and Thor even pops the greatest of sweats. Plus he probably had to pee since he had just gulped a good foot of the world’s oceans in a drinking contest less than half an hour before(This is why there are tides). But despite his straining and groaning and lifting and stretching and making sure he achieved full extension, Thor can’t get the cat off the ground. But he does get one paw off the ground when the cat rolls slightly. When the illusion is revealed, the cat is revealed to be Jormundgandr and the paw off the ground illusion actually translated to the serpent losing grip with his tail with his snout. Jormundgandr had to extend his tongue to reach his tail.

You might have noticed that I discussed Jormundgandr being Thor’s nemesis. At Ragnarok, the Final Battle. Thor and Jormundgandr are going to go toe-to-toe, round in circles(pun intended) in the Battle Royale. The battle is said to cover the battle field as Jormundgandrs many mighty coils blot out the sky. Only after many wounds and bitings are inflicted will Thor finally defeat the serpent. He will be so juiced with Jormundgandr venom that he will only be able to stride nine paces (18 steps) before falling down dead of his wounds.



If you are a child of the 80’s, your first reference to the Ouroborus was probably on the cover of the Never Ending Story book in the film of the same name. In the film, the Auryn symbol was the last grain of belief, and in the sequel, (We do not discuss the third NeverEnding Story with Jack Black) the Auryn is worn by Jonathan Brandis as a necklace. It is a wish-granter somehow connected to the forgetfulness machine by Xayide who is a pawn of “The Emptiness”. Auryn is a wish granter in the third film as well.

In Conclusion

So this mount would have co-location(Being in two or more worlds at once), poisonous attack, massive size, sea travel, Specialized Nemesis, High Soak if even Thor’s hammer Mjolnir can only barely kill it, wish-granting, and godly parentage. Yes please. I’ll take two.


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