Mo Meinhart and Maleficent Interview at Phoenix Comicon 2014

During Phoenix Comicon, there was one costumed model who frightened and terrified the children and crowds: Maleficent.
This character was played by model Mo Meinhart, with make-up performed by artist Chloe Sens from Face/Off.
Here she is, strangling and terrifying “Harley Quinn,” the son of our Webmaster:
david and molificent


In this interview, Mo Meinhart discusses the wonders of being a villain, working with contact lenses, the fun of being a model and fantasy artist, and ends with a shout out by fellow artist Chloe Sens that you too can own a quality piece of movie quality costuming.

For those who have not yet seen our interviews, Anexandros also had the chance to interview Face/Off contestants Chloe SensWayne Anderson, and Michael Faust. And, if you’re into make-up and special effects, Face/Off Season 7 premiers July 22 on SyFy

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