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Hello There!

First of all, I’m Lord Kronos and I’m new to Land of Nerds.  In short, I’m mostly going to be writing about music and sci-fi/fantasy type of stuff.  At times, I’ll probably discuss a little bit of both.  For my first post however, I’d like to start off with a story.  One of my many interests is music in video games.  This story is how that interest came to be.

Several years ago, I was spending time with family for the Christmas season. Since most of my family lives a couple hours away, we usually have to travel to celebrate holidays. I always would bring one of my portable gaming systems with me to entertain me on the way there. This time, I had brought my Playstation Portable (PSP) system with me and I was playing a game called Monster Hunter Freedom 2, a game in which you fight monsters and gather different items for different members of the town. After playing for a few minutes, my parents asked me to shut the music off. To them, the music was annoying; however, I realized that my gaming experience had changed as a result of turning off the music. I didn’t find the game as interesting. The game was almost boring. I finished the mission I was on, saved my game, and then shut off my PSP.


Events like this one have occurred several times in my life. I’ve always enjoyed video games, but when asked to shut off the music, it seems as if something is missing. The game becomes dull and boring. Suspense does not build and the game is emotionless. Some games also require music to drive the plot of the game forward. In that case, game play becomes redundant if the music is shut off. This situation leads to an interesting question: why does the gaming experience differ when music is present in games? As a result, I began to question how music fits into the gaming experience in order to create a positive experience for the player.


Editor’s note: It seems that a dragon ate half of Lord Kronos’ Post. Don’t worry: We are going to slay it and recover the post. Tune in next Thursday for more from Lord Kronos!

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