Feast for a King: Web Comic Review

At Phoenix Comicon Fanfest 2015, I had the chance to meet an amazing artist, who goes by the Tumblr handle KosmicDream. Kosmic, also known as Chelsea is a prolific and exciting artist who draws the amazing webcomic “Feast For a King.”

Before I continue with this review, please let me tell you that this is the most mature and NSFW web comic I have ever reviewed for this site. It is is not for children or readers under the age of 18. Feast for a King is intended for a mature audience, and is filled with sexual content, gore, violence, etc.

Comic contains sexual content, graphic images, worms, nudity and multiple eyeballs.

The story opens with a young character, a ‘woman,’ who has no memories, and no idea where it is.



This character, possibly female, possibly male, encounters strange things: Blood, gore, and worms, and despite some slight nausea, feels fine. This is where the story begins.

I use ‘it’ because gender is fluid in this world. The character appears to be female, but ‘she’ is referred to as a king by  a worm character.FFAK Two


Taking place in a Science-fiction colony where humans live and combat the humanoid “worm” species for survival, the story unfolds over 9 chapters (and 2000+ pages). The story is complex, involving many levels and ever-evolving.


image 4


This first story is not the only tale within the long web comic. The artist includes mystery, intrigue, romance, aliens, and even a game of Spy vs. Spy within the story, which flows organically.

Stylistically, the art changes and adapts throughout the tale. Sometimes the pictures are plain, black and white. Sometimes the artist uses a single color to denote a character (pink hair, for instance). Depending on the situation, the characters also could have varying degrees of facial definition: well-drawn details, chibi, or simply sketched. This is cleverly used to help move along scenes with action, stress, or great emotion.

This story is not all love and romance. The tale and art deals with some dark, adult, and graphic themes. There is nudity, sex, and violence within the strip. People who are under the age of 18 should probably not read the comic.

The artwork varies from the insanely beautiful to extreme grotesque. Sometimes the pictures are mere sketch drawings, sometimes they look like the artist took excruciating time and detail to draw each eyelash, wrinkle, and curl of hair. The characters can be both beautiful and grotesque at the same time, even with three hundred eye-balls and multiple limbs.

The story has a free-flowing feel, and that is on purpose. From the website:

“I draw this comic relatively on-the-fly, meaning- I don’t write any scripts, make any thumbnails, and sometimes don’t even sketch out pages before i start inking them. I also try to draw every page under 40mins/1 hour so I can complete multiple ones in one sitting. So, that being said, the art fluctuates!”


The artist uses color cleverly within her art. Most of the panels use minimal color, so when there is color used, it denotes something of importance: marking a character’s traits (like distinctive hair or eye colors), or blood.
image 3

This is helpful in some of the panels that have action sequences.

The artist is also highly prolific. There are several hundred panels to the comic displaying a wide influence and background. There are, to date, over 2011 images on the comic’s blog. The artist adds several pictures each week, so it is constantly growing and expanding. image 5


The artist has also allowed the story to tell itself, allowing for infrequent ‘flashbacks’ and shifts from one tale to another to develop characters as they need to be developed.


The hardest part for me, as a new reader, for the series, was figuring out the names of the characters. On the main page of the site, there is no “Who is who” or main character description. Indeed, some characters are around for many pages before their names are even discussed in the series.

Does this detract from my enjoyment? Only a little bit, but then some of the mystery in the opening story is that the two characters don’t know one another’s identity. Names are revealed throughout the story, but I feel it could be a good addition to add a “Characters” tab.


This comic is not for everyone, I admit. Some scenes  can be visually disturbing to some people (Multiple limbs, blood, gore, sex). I enjoyed it thoroughly for the story. This is a web comic I will continue to follow for some time.

Feast for a King: Web Comic Review Reviewed by on . While the image styles vary from sketched to digital, the story is free-flowing and forever evolving into an interesting Science Fiction tale.

A Feast for the Eyes

While the image styles vary from sketched to digital, the story is free-flowing and forever evolving into an interesting Science Fiction tale.
Artistry 9
Storytelling 9.5
"That's Awesome!" 9.5
9.3 WORMS!!!
Admittedly not for everyone, this NSFW comic features an amazing ever-developing style and a fascinating story that can suck the reader in.

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  1. polks

    A minor correction: It’s Chelsie, not Chelsea.

    This is a cool intro to FFAK! given the number of pages I expected a little more discussion of story content, though with the large cast and complex plot lines that still have much up in the air, I get how avoiding spoilers might be ideal. Also I like that you explicitly point out that gender is fluid since for many characters this is clearly important, but i think it’s a little off base. Worms are essentially alien creatures and thus are only adhering to human gender as it suits them, for the ones passing as more humanoid. King isn’t male OR female beyond their chosen form at the moment. 

    I don’t want to spoil anything for new readers, but gender seems to be a pretty important part of the story given some of the most recent updates which explicitly show a human character struggling to vocalize their complex feelings about being transgender, while supporting an alien character in their own exploration of gender.

    I’d be interested in seeing you talk more about the characters and story if you do any future reviews on newer updates and pages as it progresses. Great to see this, I’m glad someone is talking about one of the more interesting and prolific webcomics around!! 😀

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