Earth Invasion- Eminent Domain

DSC07615aAfter protecting the Earth from invasion and destruction for multiple human lifespans the raggedy man or chin boy, “the Chin” has decided to take a break again in Victoria Steam’s timeline and entrust her with the care and maintenance of the TARDIS. While he is gone she has had Hawk Industries convert the time machine to a more updated look. You see in the future things are more functional and retro at the same time. Steam power has taken a forefront to gasoline engines because of its cleaner more efficient power. The windows have been upgraded because of global warming, much of the habitable world is underwater and not only must the Dr. traverse these watery avenues. The current British Police must as well and to blend in with the environment the chameleon circuit has replicated and cloned itself from these updated Police Boxes. But the Dr. is unaware if the menace approaching the Earth and as he vacations we are in dire need of his services.

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