#CrazyMakeEmUps- The Game for the Morally Casual

Crazy Make Em Ups is a fun and unpredictable game that we discovered at Phoenix Comicon Fanfest 2015. The game designer, Up Up Down Down Games, is based out of Tempe, AZ.

Moon Sedai looks Confused at the Bad Decision Bear at Fan Fest 2015
Moon Sedai and the Bad Decision Bear

In an interview we had with the game designer, who we called “Stan,” he revealed that “the rules were fun to write up.”

(We found out later his real name was Todd. The discrepancy in names is due to this card game’s inherent ability to give people new names every few minutes. But we’ll get to that!)

The Bad Decision Bear, a Victim of a night of Crazy Make Em Ups.
The Bad Decision Bear, a Victim of a night of Crazy Make Em Ups.

The game designers even advertise “Make Better Bad Decisions.” The game box even allows the game owner to ignore a rule, thus inspiring players to go out and buy their own copy. Hell, you can download a free copy if you are so inclined. Although the game contains everything you need in order to play, they recommend “friends with a morally casual attitude”, “b00bs”, “advanced adult beverages”, “aluminum foil” and “snacks.” The following (actual game card) shows why you’d need aluminum foil:

Wanna be one of those guys with a Tin Foil Hat?
Wanna be one of those guys with a Tin Foil Hat?

When playing this game “Vanilla” style, this game really appeals to the college crowd. There are a lot of cards requiring the loss of clothing and/or drinking.

Land of Nerds first play-test, we missed the “5 rounds” rule, and I wondered why there were so many cards requiring lose all your clothes when all the clothes were theoretically already removed. (We chose to keep on clothes and drink soft drinks so we could keep a clear head, and thus remember so we could write this review.)

We play tested, and became Wizards.
We play tested, and became Wizards.

We went through round after round drinking our beverages and having fun making tinfoil wands and getting new silly names. (Then we read the rules.)

Your Name is Now Hodor
Your Name is Now Hodor


The game designer has already said that if you don’t like the clothes rules or the drinking rules, you can completely ignore and/or bypass them. It is only a game and we had fun playing at Land of the Nerds.

Essentially, the game has very few rules. Follow the cards, or ignore them if you want. The cards play off one another. Look at the card below:

The fudge?
Though you’d have to admit, this rule would be interesting to see played out.

And this card:

Because 'Murica.
Because ‘Murica.

See how it’s done? If drawn properly? Then there’s a lot of People doing a lot of things. “Murica!” “F Yeah!” Some cards can have you shout “Hodor!” (Thus the earlier card shown).


Although it has a large audience, it is focused with a bullseye audience of the 18-24 crowd. There are lots of associated products including wristbands, tattoos, stickers, whiteboards, handstamps, drink cozies, and 16 expansions. The expansions include “Zombies, Pirates & Ninjas”, “Christmas”, “Workplace”, “Teacher Appreciation”, & “More Drinking Cards.” All the expansions are available for purchase on the website, and can be used as stand alone games.

The main box comes with a stamped envelope for you to send back the ‘one rule you don’t like.’ The designer told us that he has only had one card sent back and that was because the guy drew the same card and just kept drawing it 5x in the same evening. But the rest of the cards are good.

Players are even encouraged to Submit their Own Rules!

The box also includes two Bad Decision Bear tattoos, pencils, and fits up to four expansions, which can also be used to play on their own, without the main game.


Up Up Down Down Games and Land of the Nerds are not responsible for the stupid stuff you and your friends do while playing Crazy Make ‘Em Ups.

For Legal Reasons: we must disclose that You should NOT play this game if you aren’t old enough to drink, aren’t old enough to take your clothes off in front of other people, shouldn’t be drinking, plan on driving afterwards, or have a curfew. We also must disclose that we got a free copy of the standard game for review (though you can download and print a FREE copy here) and one of our team purchased copies of four expansions: Christmas, Workplace, Teacher, and Pirate/Ninja/Zombie. The free copy did not influence our opinion of the game.

Check out our Interview with “Stan/Todd” Here!

You can find the game at https://crazymakeemups.com/

#CrazyMakeEmUps- The Game for the Morally Casual Reviewed by on . Best for those Legally Old Enough to make bad decisions but with the Youth and Stamina not to regret them.

Genius Bad Decisions All Around

Best for those Legally Old Enough to make bad decisions but with the Youth and Stamina not to regret them.
How easy is it to learn?
How easy to play
How much shame can you give your Friends?
If you're over 21, this game is for you. If you're surrounded by friends with loose morals (like those who enjoy Cards Against Humanity, but with more Action) this game is for you. If your friends are sticks in the mud who don't like to drink or strip, then you'll never get to play it.


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    Meka Jamesa Larimer, when we played this game, the first person I thought of was you. Check it out, it’s kinda fun, and would make an interesting “Con Suite” game.

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