Cosplay Photo Contests

One thing we’ve noticed at every single event we go to as Land of the Nerds is just how FREAKING AMAZING Cosplay and Cosplayers can be! I mean, seriously, have you ever met a coplayer? They’re some of the coolest people in the world, and we wanted to find a way to help Cosplayers showcase their hard-designed costumes. So, we sat down in our Thinking Chair and developed something cool.

What is this thing, you ask?


There are three different ways you can participate in this event.

First: You can come find us at Conventions at our Kiosk and Enter our Event Contests.

At our events, we have an amazing Green Screen system that allows us to treat you, the amateur cosplayer, as a professional.
Entering our contests is FREE! You’ll never have to pay to enter.
For a small fee ($5) We can use our magic-ninja ultra-secret Photoshopping skills to change out the green screen to a background to fit your costume or needs.

Second: You can enter our monthly online contest.

These are smaller scale events, and will highlight our monthly themes on Land of the Nerds (Browncoat, Star Wars, Bronies, whatever theme we have here, we will have a comparable contest).
Entry is free in these, but we will often have you add a printable image in your picture so that we know you took the photo (This is to ensure fairness for all).

Third: You can vote for your favorite contestants to make sure they get rewarded for cool cosplay.

You can enter to vote or register to enter our contests here!

Heard Enough? Think this is something awesome you’d like to Make Happen and see at your Convention?

cosplay overlayThen support our Indegogo Campaign!

Our Backers get cool backgrounds, prints, posters, and more!
Throw enough money at us and we’ll host a Cosplay Party for you!