Brony Challenge 3: Season Wrap up, Season wrap up!

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on August 6, 2013 and is being reposted completely in its original format.

I might make it through this challenge today. I got out of bed, and said the words, “I get to finish the first season today.” My Significant other responded, “How good do you think the second season will be?” Before I could stop myself, I uttered the phrase, “So far it is not bad.” Did I just say watching cutie marks and froufrou unicorns was “Not Bad?!
I was also gabbing with my S.O. about my dare last night as we sent the dire schnauzers to roam the fields defiling it with their refuse…before having to dispose of it, when she recounted the tale of her going back and watching SheRa recently. She said she remembered religiously loving the cartoon at the time. Now she had lost the taste for SheRa, but as it was focused at kids, it did the job it meant to do, which was to entertain and slip a message on in there. So maybe if I knew just a little less about storytelling and mythmaking, I could actually watch the show without complaining. This last blog might be shorter for the tale if my complaining gets any shorter. At least I have AC this time.

Episode Number:
Winter cleanup? How are there earth ponies if the world was created by Celeste and Luna? Why would they make non-magical ponies? The song at least works well together melodically. Wait, how do your clean the skies like an earth pony without wings? Wrapped up like a present? Hey, you are using magic to make nests, rarity! Moving the basket counts as magic in my book! Giraffe on roller skates reference, I get it.
Snakes and Bats and Bees…and even skunks. A magician’s apprentice joke with a Twilight Mickey. Is applejack an earth pony? I always assumed unicorn with hat covering it up. I would think this risks creating a dichotomy between the special horses and the normal horses. I see a lot of flying and horn-magic using for people claiming no magic allowed. Her strength is organization, and mental skill. Lots of magic being used in pegasus tornado team attack.

Cheating, It gets Blatant
Cheating, It gets Blatant!

In the interim, I looked up how many episodes are in this first season and am most disappointed to see I have at least twelve episodes left in this first season challenge. Sadness rains on my parade.Pony Rage

Episode Number: Call of the Cutie Crusaders
So that is how cutie marks are obtained. I thought they were born with that. What makes me special? What if I can’t figure that out? What if I am not feeling very cute? This really reeks of discussing puberty… in My Little Pony? And it really implies that one needs to get a tattoo early on in life. Roller derby makes me think of my buddy Rachel “Bazinga” Little. So cutie marks lock you into your role in society. Secret Society cutie mark could be cool. Crud, did I just say that? ponypalm

Episode Number : I lose count
I was right about the wing power creating a rift in the iron pony competition. I like the idea of the wings tied behind back. Fudge rhymes? Tortoise hare again? That is the value of running well and pacing. I miss being the fastest enlisted in my unit back in Germany. Now I wanna go run! Wait, all those ponies running and because “two” stalled, there were that many missed trees? Why didn’t twilight in last place shake the leaves down as she passed them?

Episode Fourteen I think?
Rarity makes a bunch of costumes? Noticing that Applejack and Dash are the primary friends used. Rarity is making dresses for ANOTHER GGGala this season? And how are they getting into it this time? Is everybody going? Pink for pinky pie and yellow for applejack, but is there anything not matching their fur in color? Yeah, I doubt that the hippie Fluttershy knows that much of French fashion, especially more than the very fashion-conscious Rarity. I am going to cry foul as this really has the writers weakening Rarity. Rarity reminds me of my editor this episode.

LOOK! I I have ONE job on this program! It’s mine and I’M GONNA DO IT, OKAY?
LOOK! I I have ONE job on this program! It’s mine and I’M GONNA DO IT, OKAY?

Monday 3:22 2013> The previous was written last Thursday before the Space City Con 2013 packing session. I apologize that I did not send this off last Thursday, but the SO came home and the packing for Space City Con 2013 began and I just realized this is still sitting on my desktop.
And in making sure I had spelling correct, I must note to “Mmmmmurder Jonathan Dean” for singing the two word phrase “Winter Wrap-up” Friday night during my Brony discussion.

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