My Lady Olives: A book by our own Moon Sedai

Hello Nerds and Nerdlings! Moon Sedai here, writing at Blackheart’s request, to tell you all about my writing project and what I’ve been up to the last several months. Well, first, many of you might know I published my first book in June, 2014, My Lady Olives.  Here is a little bit about my book, and the world I’ve created.

For several thousand years, the Gods have taken human form: born, living, and dying in mortal bodies. They’ve forged an agreement that they will only produce demigod offspring while human, to weaken the near-unstoppable power of their children and prevent total world destruction.

Many events in history have been influenced by gods incarnate or demigods.

The story begins in 2004, when the title character, Olisbeth Mason, is a junior in college. Olisbeth is, unknowingly, the incarnation of Athena. Soon, she discovers her roommate Phoebe is Apollo and that Phoebe’s twin brother is Artemis.

Throughout the first book, Olisbeth

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