Woody Arnold, Editor and Writer, Thunder Frog Studios Interview at Phoenix Comicon

Moon Sedai interviews Woody from Thunder Frog Studios, a comic book publisher. Thunderfrog has a series of charity comics that donates 100% of profits from sales to the Children’s Hospital in Seattle.
At Phoenix Comicon, Woody was promoting the The Thunderfrog Charitable Antholgy Vol. 3, which included stories from Voyage Trekkers , The Gamers, and a few other web series and films such as Gamer Chick, Glitch, and chop socky boom.
The artists worked carefully with the creators of the various film worlds to ensure the stories told within this comic were not only appropriate to the worlds but would fit properly in the storylines. For example, the short section about “the Gamers” includes the fate of one of the characters in The Gamers.

thunderfrog anth
Thunderfrog is in negotiations to do a similar anthology to support Phoenix Children’s hospital next year.

Seattle Children’s Hospital Charity

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