Updates for Land of the Nerds

Hello, my Nerdmigos, Moon Sedai here! First, I want to apologize about the long absence in my writings for this website. These last several months have been very busy with the Land of the Nerds team, behind the scenes, so to say, and we’ve got a lot of new things that are heading your way from our team.

First and foremost, let me announce that we will be at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest from December 12-16! The Land of the Nerds team, including Captain Blackheart, Anexandros, and myself will be taking pictures and doing some other really cool stuff at the convention. We don’t have a table, we’re going to be wandering the crowds, but we will be there. Maybe we’ll get your picture!

My next update: we’re producing a new web series, which we will be promoting throughout the Convention, called Nerd Beards! Nerd Beards features Blackheart, Anexandros, and me, and in this show, we will reminisce about the cartoon, toy, and comic influences of our childhood (1980s and beyond). Each episode will be accompanied with a written blog, discussing historical references to whatever topic we’ve selected, posted here.

nerd beards

 Our first episode, He-Man, will be posted soon, and, while you are waiting, you can go ahead and read the companion blog for Nerd Beards Episode One!

To wet your whistle, a few production stills from filming:

seeing him One final announcement before I leave you alone, our friend Kelci Crawford, the artist behind Validation, now has a Kickstarter campaign ongoing for her latest project, Seeing Him. For those of you who read Validation and enjoy the story, or have since discovered Kelci’s Johnson and Sir series, check the Kickstarter out, support our friend.

The story is about a nerdy girl who begins dating a trans-man.

<<<< Look, concept art.

Oh! And we now have an Instagram! It’s my plan to post Nerd Beards production stills, Phoenix Fan Fest photos and more in the coming weeks.

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