The Division: Cosplaying a Game That Hasn’t Come Out Yet

TCTD_promo_facebook_203826If you read my last article about my relationship with RPGs, I concluded by mentioning that I’m way into a role playing game that hasn’t even come out yet, but is coming out soon, called The Division. There were a few things in the trailers that I saw that sucked me in. 1) The teamwork and communication was the first thing. In all the games I’ve played, the ones where you had to work together were always the best. Counter Strike and Left 4 Dead come to mind – I can still remember some the most awesome rounds I played were the ones where we communicated and worked together. It looks like The Division will be fun like that, too.

2) It was post-apocalyptic, but there was still hope. The city of New York is a mess, but its not so far gone that 10630714_929318423778801_6190209983215295730_ohumanity can’t ever recover and make it great again. Although I love contemplating what it might be like in a post-apocalyptic world sometimes, like in a book or movie, I wouldn’t want to live there. I’ve never gotten into any post-apocalyptic RPGs. There is a message of hope and “you can make a difference” that I feel with this game that I want to explore.

3) The realistic feel. The tech in the game is pretty much already here and it has a very grounded feel. Plus, you might notice some small but pretty awesome little details, such as the guy closing the car door with a hand as he scoots past it, and other little things that add to the realistic feel that you are a guy (or gal) in this place and fighting for your life. I had never seen something like this in any RPG/MMO – they all looked pretty cartoonish.

Artist’s rendition of the Division comms device.

The game is coming out March next year and Comicpalooza was coming up and I wanted to try another cosplay, so I went for it. I don’t think anyone will care about all the little choices I made in building the cosplay except maybe this part: I emailed one of the community developers at Massive (the makers of The Division) asking them if they could export a 3D model of this comms device all the agents carry around, and that way, anyone who wanted to cosplay as an agent could 3D print the device and go. They loved the idea but admitted that no one would have the time to work on that for months. So I downloaded Google Sketchup, taught it to myself and built my own 3D model in a couple weeks. This turned some heads.

I got an email from Antoine at Massive asking if I could Skype them, and that was the first time I had ever called Sweden. They asked me to send them some great pics of my cosplay and to print up and paint another comms device and send it to them. I was pretty flattered and pretty much fell all over myself saying yes, but I asked if they could give me some of the kickass Division patches I had seen online. So it was kind of going to be a trade. Or so I thought…

3D printed and painted comms device (powered down, no orange light)


My cosplay, with some photoshopping to make Houston look all wintery.

So fast forward – my cosplay at Comicpalooza was fun but not as fun as others I’ve done because no one really knew what I was. But it was a comfy cosplay and I had music from the Division trailers going on a speaker on my backpack and I was handing out these cool little pill packets and everyone loved those. 🙂 Then E3 came and we got some more great news about how The Division was coming along and I had friends that were actually THERE hanging out with the Ubisoft and Massive guys and I was a jealous little freak (I had to be at a family reunion). But after E3 I emailed, asking about those patches because I still hadn’t gotten any and now that we had seen new stuff at E3 I totally wanted to update my cosplay. Yannick kept telling me that the patches were coming, he promised he would get to it.

And then last week, I got a package from Sweden.

HOLY MOTHER. They decked me out in enough swag that I thought I had actually BEEN to E3!

  • Patches, check.11705441_957092464334730_3761481610256549020_o
  • Fake newspaper from the promo materials, check.
  • Poster of awesome character from the game, check.
  • Promo book excerpt, check.
  • Plus, a nice thank you letter with a BETA CODE – this was above and beyond and I was over the moon about this. 😀

So, moral of the story is, be awesome and sometimes cool stuff happens! 😉 Now, of course, I have to add ALL THE THINGS to my cosplay (flare gun, contaminated loot bag, real rope – not paracord, sticky bomb shooter, etc etc.) and upgrade my computer to be ready for awesomeness!

I’ll see you in the Dark Zone.


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