The Brony Dare 5: Ponies save me from Real Work

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on August 25, 2013 and is being reposted completely in its original format, edited only to break up paragraphs. 

All right Sports fans, Anexandros here with part four of the Brony Challenge. I would like to thank the fans and those who have stuck by me trying to get this dare done. I apologize that my Brony Challenge is not done yet, but Space City Con slowed me down and there are still ten-ish episodes to get through. There were just too many interviews that had to be done to keep us current and relevant to Nerd News and I swear I have not watched any entertainment in the meantime, except for some DS9 with the SO.

I want to think Jonathan Dean for his moral support in getting through this. I still have just the chorus-bridge to “Winter Wrap-up” going through my head, but my inner DJ keeps mixing that with ‘Beauty School Dropout’ for some reason. I was starting to think I might be rescued by inner Grease soundtrack until I was wandering the and found a Gif about an evil enchantress doing evil dances and now I have THAT in the brain noggin.

I even got tired of writing interview questions and longed to just watch MLP as an excuse to do something different. Asking the same questions to different actors gets boring in the writing process even if the answers are vastly different. So MLP turns into my savior to escape from talking to people and doing real work. I hope no one finds out I just wrote that.

Episode 15: Pinkie Keen


Fancy Dragon! Why does he have a rock on his head? Pinkie thinks it is going to rain? Twitchy tail? My eyes glazed over during the opening credits, darn. I’m being hypnotized by this! No frog in the throat joke? We are discussing coincidence and the random chances of prophecy? I think I might like this episode! Stop SAYING that, Anexandros! You prepared the alligator thing by always having that in the tub! I hate prophecy-people because they are only using half of the evidence. The evidence comes second! Back to the Future or Ghostbusters reference. I like Twilight’s sense of believing in the explainable. Could I like the message even if I do not like the medium? Why are the wagon wheels spinning in the sky?

Pinkius piecus? Is this a Warner Bros Cartoon? Scientific Observation! An anvil? A piano? Is Applejack Crosseyed? Where did the casts go? 2-D imaging messes with me as that dragonfly could have been huge from a further off perspetive. Leap of faith? Squeeky toy landing across the chasm? No, not cool! Don’t agree with the unexplainable, you just lost my support as an intelligent being. Twilight you should lose your cutie mark. No, No, No, No, Sorry, I just lost respect for the main character. I really want guacamole now. I love Guacamole!


 Episode 16: Sonic Rainboom


Yay! I like stage whispering. Clouds are diving boards? I not buying it. She sounds like she has yet to figure out how to do a Sonic Rainboom, like it was an accident. Rainbow_Dash_doing_a_sonic_rainboom_3_S1E16


That was Stage fright, Rarity is right. She was assertive. I like Fluttershy. Yay, they came to visit their buddy, that is some serious friendship. Rainbows are spicy? Rarity is a bit of a git, as those wings are not actually hers, they actually are Twilight’s magic. I just realized how much I like speed lines! Rarity looks ghastly! Too much makeup makes her look bad. Icarus! I love the Icarus story in the middle and the story of Daedalus rescuing is the Rainboom. Rarity_-Look_upon_me,_Equestria,_for_I_am_Rarity!-_S1E16 Rarity_on_fire!_S01E16

 Haha! And the audience looks terrified except for Fluttershy who is Loud! Did I just hear them close out with the Simpson theme? Rainbow_flying_past_the_audience_S1E16

(Due to the fact that I only watched two episodes, This blog will be a bit short. I initially intended to just continue it the day after, but then had a week of work and projects and other stuff come up. My keeping up with entertainment and blogs has gone downhill, but I resolve to send this one out even if it is shorter than the others.)

So still not a Brony, but I am thinking of using Brony blogging as an excuse to skip other work. Crud. Brony score: 4, which is better than the end of the con. Not there yet.

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