Thank You, Harry- A Harry Potter Tribute

This is a 10 year tribute to one of the best book and movie series, Harry Potter! It includes behind the scenes & movie clips from the last decade. I was really sad to see the last movie end, so this is my way of coping. 🙂 These characters feel like good friends to me in a way, so I had to pay tribute to the end of a wonderful story (but those stories we love never really leave us, do they?)

Although there are many great people in Harry Potter, this video revolves around our 3 main characters: Harry, Ron, and Hermione (Dan, Rupert, and Emma) through the years. So, thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoy! And Happy Birthday, Harry! 😉

*Mischief Managed*

Songs are “To Build a Home” followed by “A New Beginning”

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