Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Stop what ye be doing. Now and watch this video:

AZ Corsairs: Talk Like a Pirate Day Video

Now that that be done, Today be Talk Like a Pirate day.

Okay, no I can’t keep that up. It is making me laugh too hard.

The video you (should) have just watched was filmed and produced by the Arizona Corsairs, a pirate fan group, and won First Prize in the InternMandy pirateational TLAPD 2012 Video contest.

I’m not a pirate. Actually, sort of. I have a pirate-style costume I wear to the Texas Renaissance festival. Sort of. I start off in my purple, green, and red dress costume, wearing my swashbuckler hat, but always, by the end of the day, the skirts be gone, and I be just  Renfest tights instead of the skirt. I look like a pirate. But it be more practical than a costume decision. The Swarthy Texas weather be miserable hot, and Pirate costume be much more comfortable than “dressy.”

The hat and boots are very pirate-y. I chose that particular hat out because the brim provides a measure of protection against the sun, and is good shade. I love my pirate hat.  And I love my Piratey boots.

Now, this might counter things we’ve said in the past, especially about cosplay and questioning fandom and such, but I’ve never found in my times dressed up pirate-like anyone who’s questioned my pirate knowledge or lore. Perhaps Pirates don’t judge others based on what they know, don’t hold “Pirate knowledge” or lack of it to be a standard of friendship or co-fandom.

Anyway, even though I “dress” pirate like for Ren Fest, I don’t claim to be a pirate. I’ve not spent a lot of time aboard ships and boats. I am probably the sweetest, least backstabby person I know (unless I am playing Munchkin Booty: The Pirate version of the popular Munchkin Card game. I never lose at Munchkin Pirate.) Though I do like an occasional rum drink…

Actually, being a pirate has to mean more than backstabbing, law breaking, or stealing.
Being a pirate is about attitude, or, as I’ve heard it referred to in some instances “Piratitude.” One needs to have a certain disposition to be a pirate. Strong willed, love of the seas, adventure, and treasure.
Pirate used to mean (and still does, to a degree) that a person was a feared criminal, a person who stole from others. Not to help the poor, but to make themselves (and their crew) richer.
That might hint at something.

Being  a pirate means being a part of a team. Pirates work together as a community, a crew. Their captain, a fearsome leader, is there as the leader in part because he has the trust of his men. (A Pirate captain who cannot garner the trust and loyalty of his men would face mutiny, after all). No one on a pirate ship can lag behind, all must pull their weight and earn their worth. And, after a hard time out at sea, the pirate celebrates with Rum, women, and song.
And let’s face it- having a good time while working together with your crewmates is what being a pirate in 2013 is all about. Now… go. Talk Like a Pirate!


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