Suit-able Cosplay

Taking a break from our Browncoat theme for this month, please allow me to take some time to show you several ways that you can turn an ordinary Suit in to fantastic cosplay. Many of you may know that we have a new site,, where we will be celebrating cosplay and cosplayers with monthly competitions for cosplay. So please allow me to take a few minutes to offer Anexandros’ Sage Cosplay Advice on how you can use a suit to be the perfect Cosplay.

American Psycho


Unless you have serious buns of steel, skip the shower scene and the face-peeling, Go for a classic 80’s suit, bring a fake axe from the Halloween day-after bin, and a clear raincoat. Just before the con, mist yourself with a Single spritz of red food coloring

Raincoat link if you want to spend internet money.


Barney Stinson

You want a thin suit, thinner tie and a couple of quick, reproducible magic tricks available. Skip the deck of cards unless you are already a pro magician. Go for some cheap tricks from a magic store that you can put together and reproduce quickly (The magic isn’t the focus, you are pretending to be a magician, not actually worried about being one). If anyone asks who you are, adjust your tie and say “Please.”

Hands of Blue

Suit and medical blue gloves you found a box of or just grab a whole bunch at the doctor’s office if they got ’em.


Blue or brown suit, red high ankle converse allstars, sonic screwdriver with blue light, an urge to say Brilliant, Allonsy, and lick your lips a lot.

 Julius and Vincent from Pulp Fiction

This is a great team costume. One of you needs a long black wig and the ability to fake dance. One of you needs to be an African-American with an afro (wig).

Carry around a hamburger from the concession stand and you are good to go, or you could both go Hawaiian-styled and Julius can have a life-changing moment.

Men in Black

Men in Black from
Men in Black from

Black suit, white shirt, black tie & glasses, (I have no idea how to make a noisy cricket or guns)


Agent Coulson

Tahiti references, a Captain America trading card.

(Take a deck of cards, copy some Captain America pictures to the first five cards(the ones on the bottom). When cosplaying, only fan out those first five, providing enough detail on their exclusivity and “Ebay bidding wars” to make each collector card sound authentic. Make a couple duplicates for the ones lower in the deck, thickening out the stack.  Fanboy out over “Cap,” when you meet random Captain America cosplayers when you meet them. Make sure you get a double pic of you and Captain America at every convention. Try to get Captain America to sign the card. Let Cap keep the card…or keep the signed set as part of your cosplay(unsigned is from the first Avengers film, signed is from the series. Make more as you need them.

Here are some links to photos and/or an actual deck you can just buy for real cashy money.



Every FBI Agent ever

(Including Supernatural Sam & Dean) – FBI jacket, an ID, shined shoes, dark/mirrored glasses.

 Bond, James Bond

Lintless suitjacket, martini glass with olive on toothpick and water, Scottish accent, smarmy killing quips.

Gordon Gecko


Blue oxford shirt, suspenders and a cigar, Catchphrase “Greed is Good”, carry two stacks of fake bills. Take a light touch of whitening toothpaste gel and comb in some wingtips to your hair right above your ears.

Quick stacks of Cash – Monopoly or other board game money.


Tony Montana


Yellowed “white” Oxford shirt, Black suit with white pinstripes, white pocket square, Machine gun, white powdered donut in the facial area and your right lapel, “Say hello to my little friend” Quick stacks of Cash from Gordon Gecko cosplay

 Michael Corleone

The Godfather movie image Al Pacino

Black single breast white collared shirt, black vest with siver buttons, comb your hair like you are a five-year-old going to church with grandma, be solemn. Any Godfather 2 quote of which there are many.


Ron Burgandy


Burgandy suit with vest, white shirt, diagonal striped tie, Pornstache, Glass of Apple juice for all that delicious “Scotchy scotch” scotch, a hair perm, a plastic handmirror


Agent 47 (HITMAN)

black suit, white shirt, bald, fake pistol with silencer(Peacebind it with security!), barcode on back of neck, A good way of staying out of trouble is to paint any firearm that is liable to cause issue with some orange at the tip. The orange allows bystanders, security, heroic individuals, and   to immediately assess that the gun is meant to be fake and not a real weapon.



But How do I get that picture on my head without making it very very permanent as that is a specialty item. Anexandros has got your back, with three ways from cheapest to most expensive. Just be okay with getting what you pay for.

1) Make a Temporary Tattoo

2) Skin Stickers

3) Custom Tattoo 

Finally, as I hope I mentioned before, it isn’t enough to dress up like your favorite character, you have to throw the mannerisms in there. John Dimaggio says there are “actors” and “people who act like actors”. The second class is much more common. they know the phrases and do great impressions, but get in trouble if the situations turn to unknown knowledge.  The others, the good ones know the voices, the slang, they know the movements, and could spend all day making up stuff because they understand the personality behind all those answers and decisions.

If you think you can spend all day in-character in a room full of random people interacting with whatever comes up faithfully,(wallflowering does not count ever for a voice actor, because if you don’t talk, you don’t get paid.) you have succeeded and are ready to go for it. Be better than those who dress like Superman but act like Clark Kent. It never looks right that way. Let the costume lead you.

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