Star Wars versus Star Trek



Star Wars fans are a different breed of people then Star Trek fans. I notice this as an outsider looking in at the two genres. Growing up I was not allowed to watch mainstream TV or go to the movies. I did not see Star wars until I graduated Boot Camp in 1989, 12 years after Star Wars came out. Because I was able to watch Star Trek on TV in later years I saw that the two SciFi Space epics conflict with each other.  I found Carrie Fisher chained to a slug in a Dejah Thoris from 1919 outfit very appealing and there was nothing like that in the uniformed TV show of Star Trek.



When I hear people say that Kirk does not know how to run his crew because his away team includes all his most trusted and qualified members I have to interject. In a military situation I have seen it work out just like Kirk does in the show. A captain makes sure his crew are in a safe place and a qualified officer of the deck is present then sometimes sends out a scout to see if it is safe. He then takes his team out into  the  area. As far as seriously being in command Han Solo leaves no one on his ship and rushes everyone into battle.wars-vs-trek 2

I do have some Star Wars questions that readers may be able to answer.

  1. Why are the characters human and in a galaxy far far away? Wouldn’t they be a different species?
  2. Why is a large snake creature in the garbage on the death star? was it put there to eat the trash or is it like vermin control to eat the rats and the like?
  3. Why does everyone but Chewbacca get a medal at the end of the movie?

I like Star Trek because it is set. I always know that the ships will look like. They are sometimes updated but usually the same basic shapes. This goes for the uniforms as well and I am comfortable with a stable show. Star Wars has so many different ships and costumes I am always surprised seeing the exciting new form the epic adventure has taken.




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