StarWars, Thanksgiving and Christmas

It wasn’t a movie, it wasn’t a variety show. It was…

The Star Wars Holiday Special.

“I said: ‘You’ve chosen to build a story around these characters who don’t speak. The only sound they make is like fat people having an orgasm,’” the 250-plus-pound Vilanch recalls. “In fact, I told Lucas he could just leave a tape recorder in my bedroom and I’d be happy to do all the looping and Foley work for him.”

Bea Arthur becomes a Star Wars sensation doing the Cha-Cha-Chewbacca



If Lucas wasn’t a control freak before the Holiday Special, he certainly became one after the special.

Some say there was only two redeeming parts of the entire show.

Part 1: The introduction of Boba Fett

Part 2: Leia singing the original lyrics to Star Wars

We can’t tell if the best part was Luke being creepy and practicing to be the Joker.

You decide.

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