Star Trek Into Dorkness

Come join Lyle Dillie better known as Captain Leo Blackheart and  Morgan “Stank” Oviatt. as they review the movie Star Trek: Into Darkness. Discussions include ramifications of Scotty as independent contractor, Harrison’s flawed backstory, and the validity of shot-for-shot remakes. Recorded Jun 25, 2013.






 This is the smart Star Trek building Spaceships in space.

SuperpriseThis ship by Khan was built in Space.

Enterprise on Earth Why haven’t the nacelles snapped off yet in the first film?!?

enterprise on earth This is why we don’t try to land the ship on earth.

Frantics Star Trek in 3 minutes –

Soundtracks Discussion

Jurassic Park Theme

Star Wars

The 2009 Reboot Discussion

Morgan confuses Superman with Star Trek

Using Star trek to draw us in by name only

Chekov Love and Hate

Pavel_Chekov,_2268 I am only here to pick up Davy Jones chicks from the Monkees.

Pavel_Chekov_(alternate_reality) I am only here so that we can make Russian jokes!

Eric Bana screws up the Timeline

The reson we are here: Star Trek Into Darkness

Morgan draws a blank when saying nice things about the Darkness film and resorts to the “pretty clothes” argument.

Spock is Glorious Spock can be glorious!

uhura-star-trek-wetsuit Because this is Star trek, not a Superhero movie.

Goodfellas_movie_image Robin Williams is not in this mob movie

Costumes at film end was closest to original

Karl Urban still does a great Bones McCoy

 I once found inertial dampers superfluous!I am the most Awesome man in the Galaxy!

Simon Pegg fulfills fears and remains a comedic character in EVERY role.

The Triad of information might be a fourpart relationship

Should Scotty be an independent contractor?

star-trek-into-darkness-trailer-scotty I want to be cool like that guy!

It makes Scotty wishy-washy and seem unreliable/untrustworthy

If Scotty is independent, then he is not part of the team

If there is no duty or paycheck, why is Scotty working here?

Nobody walks away from a broken contract with a clean break

Scotty can be Edward Snowden if he is that independent.

Bum torpedoes and Projectile corpses.

Beef up the Grief with corpse flinging –

Comedian John Cho plays serious well.

American Pie

American Reunion

Harold & Kumar Films

We dump on Zoe Saldana

If no one complains, then Communications is doing their job well!

uhura beginning According to Admiral JJ Abrams, Spandex is what a woman needs to be the communications officer.

tumblr_mnhh4c82Rn1ss4r0qo8_500Nichelle Nichols knew her job was keeping people talking to each other.

Klingons were irrelevant to the script, it could have been Romulans or Borg

movietalk-startrekintodarknessklingons630-jpg_004950 Klingons I think, could be Predator, or Orcs from Lord of the Rings

If the Klingons are so minimal because of the first film, then Kronos becomes Kazakhstan

borat_ver2_xlg I will attack you with my Battlegh.

John Harrison just stands there and nobody can hit him like a Stormtrooper.


It is not Khan, it is not Khan, It is not Khan…okay, really it is

Who cares if you are Khan if I don’t know who that is?

Angryhappy My name is not John Harrison…It is Khan, a name you couldn’t care less about when this big reveal occurs.

The biggest twist in movie history

Not the biggest twist in movie history

An evil Khan can wipe out Klingons while standing still but needs Kirk to brawl.


John Harrison is Rambo

By bringing in Nimoy, we canonize the old films as necessary, including their mistakes in history.

The 1960’s Roddenberry-verse had Khan as an evil overlord in the 90’s

Clinton Sax The real global master of the 90’s

The 80’s film Wrath of Khan played with the future as well.

JJ Abrams must think this actually happened! Because it is the timeline he sticks with when writing Khan without changing backstory.

Stank remembers less of Khan Noonien Singh in the 90’s and more grunge, flannel, and Saved by the Bell.

90s cryochamber operating manual

Khan’s cryochamber manual

Why does Khan need to keep Kirk, his little shadow, along if he is so evil?

Star Trek Into Darkness Oz trailer space jump new ship This is a great place for Khan to get rid of Kirk

Our only reason for backstabbing Khan is because of the word of Admiral Robocop and a gut feeling.

Difference in Roddenberryverse vs Abramsverse…Why can’t Khan be referenced as from the third World War of Star Trek established history?

Q_21st_Soldier Even Q thinks you have to be doing drugs to mess up history this bad.

Star trek pulls from so many great references, except when it comes to writing the plot.

Volcano rescue

lavamirrorsLady Gaga’s  Lava Mirrors did not look so seamless on film.

Kirk gets in trouble long enough to get the fun but not the responsibility.

We got into the ocean without getting in trouble, but we can’t leave because that involves the same process.

water3Space SHIP, Not Space Submarine!!!

Apparently beaming doesn’t work if smoke is in the way.

Why are natives drawing a bird’s eye view?

heirogyphicsThese are Heiroglyphics. Not one top-down-bird’s-eye view of all those birds.

 Iconic…the right word for the right job

Zombie Future The JJ Abrams future of back from the dead starfleet of the TNG

Star Trek is meant to inspire,  the immortal accomplishment seems to much.

Emo Khan Hi, I’m Khan and as a child of the 90’s I am “the cure”. Just ask McCoy.

Scott Chambliss Star Trek Into Darkness warp core set 2The Engine room always looks better when you dump engineering and just kick stuff

[Edit] Gus van Sant, not Jonathan Demme did the Psycho remake in 1998, which shows how much the film mattered. Nobody cares for shot-for-shot refilming. See this film for why.


The swinging door wont open if you both push at the same time

This seems like it is getting familiar


How much is that Vulcan in the Window?

 Where have I seen this?

SpockKhan Spock enters Pon Faar and makes Khan his new prisonbitch!

I thought this looked familiar!

KhaanThe extra A’s are for Awesome and Awful at the same time!

This time, it made sense!

Going to the shuttlebay to get her groove on is like me inviting you to the garage to taste my meatloaf. Yes, it is awesome, and Yes, it is possible that I have a reason, but it still seems really odd.
There was no reason for the scene. It reduces the intelligent character to cheesecake for no reason. On a show that was willing to push the boundaries of respect for anyone regardless of origin, this reduction of the Dr. Marcus to a galactic dumb blonde just irked Stank.alice-eve-star-tre_2571072b  Why am I in my underwear on a shuttle craft and why am I trying to make Kirk feel bad?

Stank gets taken out of enjoyment when he wonders why we are battling on a trashtruck.

This Khan shows emotion !

Khan_spits_his_last_breathMy blood makes people live forever according to JJ A….braaiiiiins!

Sly grinBilly Ray Cyrus shows his age 

The Ricardo Montalban Khan was probably a fun Khan to play!

startrek12-nervepinch This is the first time you see Cumberpatch emote and it is his “death scene”.

This is a city that grew around Starfleet

sanfranciscoTNGHaight-Ashbury got boring after the 60’s

The Star Trek San Francisco of the Future in the Darkness


 The Castro has never looked more phallic

Stank’s Recommendation: If you care at all who Khan is, Don’t watch it. If you don’t care, have a great time!

Blackheart’s recommendation: The more you like Star Trek, the more you will dislike it.


Blue Willow Weird Al Yankovic signing his new book “My Teacher and Me”

Blue Willow Bookshop sponsored the Event

The event was held at the West Houston Community Center


One of several pictures with Weird Al looking down.

Morgan tells the story of giving a Weird Al book to his god-niece

Morgan reveals he rides a tricycle badly.


This podcast is by Captain Leo Blackheart and Stank

101_0377 Capt Leo Blackheart and Stank!


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