Splendid Teapot Racing at the Steampunk Worlds Fair

We spent the weekend in Piscataway NJ at the Steampunk Worlds Fair. It really was one of the greatest shows ever. President Obama spoke at the complex adjacent to where the Fair was being held so all the entrances to get into our complex were blocked off. We still found a way to pull off an amazing race. We had 7 racers and I am sure if there were no obstructions to getting into the race there would have been more. The judges were Lois , Cheryl and Sarah. The video shows how much fun we had and how the crowd cheered at every turn. Winners of the race were Stephen Chapman won overall and for finishing the course in the least time of 27.93 seconds, Rebekah Hawk won most entertaining and most Splendid. Daniel Lee Hawk (myself) took the drag race. It was a very rigorous and tough competition because there were so many amazing entries. Many of who deserve medals for their outstanding entries. We had a awesome announcer who pitched the games perfectly pausing for every cheer. The crowd multiplied as we raced along with the last racer seeming to have 50 onlookers. The time the event was held was a problem. At 9 in the morning most people are still in bed at conventions and we started the races with a lucky 7 people. Lois Wallace of Victorian Magpie on etsy created amazing medals and trophies for the memorable event.
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Short Video of Splendid Teapot Racing at the Steampunk Worlds Fair

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