Space City Con: The Dealer’s Room.

The Dealer’s Room is one portion of every Con that everyone should at least make one trip to visit.

It is the one place where you can find some REALLY COOL STUFF that you just can’t pick up off the shelves at your local mall or Wal*Mart, and sometimes comic book and game shops in attendance have special deals available only at conventions. (Tax-free, 50% off, buy one get one, whatever). Deals are not always offered, but  in truth, the Dealer’s room is one of the most awesome places to visit in pretty much any convention.

I’m going to take the time here to talk about some of the really neat artists and dealers I had a chance to talk to this year at Space City Con. These are not, by any means, all of the artists or dealers we encountered. Some of their products will be getting a more complete write-up later on, but for now, let me just brag about the cool stuff I saw.

Fitz’s Armaments: Fitz is an awesome guy. His company makes really cool looking Live Action Role Play weapons and armor. He currently plays in a LARP called Sovereign Scrolls. When asked, Fitz said the coolest thing he’s ever made was a shield for his wife, plastidipped punch shield featuring the keywork symbol of Coheed and Cambria. Fitz is now the proud owner of our old blue Direhammer, a LARP Prop that was made for Exalted: The LARP several years ago. He’s going to refurbish it and make it combat useable.

Damon Bowie This artist has some amazing prints. He had a Little Mermaid in Battle Armor! That really drew the eye, but I think my favorite was “Wolverine with a Decapitated Predator on his claws.”

Kealy Raaca: Another artist, her work is very Dada Hanna Hoch-like, and she has collages made from comic and other old prints. Her work is really stunning! (If I ever do a novel, I want her to do my cover art. She’s that awesome.)

Wolfenskull Designs: Wolfenskull Designs makes hand-carved wooden things: Their big display piece was a tall trebuchet, but they had smaller models, business card holders, and dog tags. They also had jewelry and clothing. The owners, Blackwolf and Skully, are nice people. Wolf started out making benches, and has only been making catapults for a year, and they are awesome!



Note: Land of the Nerds was not paid for this review. We just think these Dealers are Cool!

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