Space City Comic Con 2016

Space City Comic Con was three times bigger than last year! It was HUGE! Tons of fans, cosplayers, and  And they went for broke on the celebrity appearances. NRG Center was the place to be for every geek that was any geek this Memorial Day weekend!

Space City Sabers was on the scene (of course) and we participated in a saberwalk set up by the Star Wars Enthusiasts of Houston – this was amazing. There were at least 50 of us, maybe as many as 100! We came downstairs like an army, and at key places we stopped and assumed poses; attacking, defending, force-choking or force-pushing, while everyone took pictures. We would change poses a couple times and move on. We got so many looks and smiles and everyone was whipping out their cameras. I wish I had been able to focus on the celebrity reactions, or get one of them to jump out and pose with us. But, we had a great time and you can see a little of it in the youtube video linked here!

After the saberwalk we had a lightsaber class that was awesome. A great mix of young and old, most of whom had participated in the saberwalk. Its always fun for me to teach swordfighting and see someone else step up and learn something new.

*After writing the previous, I read several articles about the SOA Reunion fiasco.*

Apparently there were some growing pains, to say the least. Last years SCCC was the first year of this con and I thought it was excellent, even though it was a smaller con. Very well organized and the placement of everything made sense. I definitely saw a lot of disorganization in the con this year but didn’t really see any of the frustration about the SOA reunion.

I’ve seen articles mostly from one side of this story, but I also found this article, where it looks like the writer actually got ahold of some people for questions, instead of just repeating what has blogged and gossiped. However, I’d like to think that it takes more than just one celebrity and their toxic manager to completely upset the systems of a large con in this way. Regardless, it looks like there is some blame to go around, but I hope that SCCC can come back from it and do it right next year, because in the end, I just want lots of awesome cons in Houston.

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