New Land of the Nerds Shop!

  1. Hello to all our wonderful followers from the Land of the Nerds!

Do you want some cool Nerdy swag? Like a T-Shirt or a Button? Or do you just want to help support the amazing writers, interviewers, and staff at Land of the Nerds so we can continue to create some epic content like what we made for Phoenix Comicon?

There is a way!

We now have a Land of the Nerds Shop, where you can get our shirts, buttons (and soon more) from Land of the Nerds to you.

The Land of the Nerds Shop is the exclusive T-Shirt dealer for MaricopaCon 2014.


From now until July 6, all our shirts are $7 off. Our classic “I can NERD” button is only $1.00!
I can nerd

and our new buttons, which we premiered at Phoenix Comicon, are $3.

be a hero Cosplaybutto

You can get our classic “Epic Nerd” Flaming Die shirt in “Police Box Blue” and our new “Get your Cosplay on” T-shirt from our store as well.

Blue epic nerd

Check out our Land of the Nerds Shop now!

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