Rancor Mounts

rancor-e1354568917662 Can you imagine having a rancor as a mount? It would be like riding the Incredible Hulk!

Here’s a cartoon showing the Rancor Keeper and his buddy from ROTJ – with a happy ending!

But seriously, look at the way this creature is built; the armored hide, the huge arms and claws, the jaw structure. He can bite into something even bigger than himself and keep breathing. He has claws as big as your torso. Dropping a huge steel door on him DID NOT KILL HIM. Do not rile up the Rancor!





















In The Force Unleashed, there were some rancors in the game on the planet Felucia.

Rancors with WARPAINT. The concept art shows rancors with freakin’ TUSKS. Yeah, that would be the one I would ride. I would love him and pet him and call him HULK SMASH.

I think this mount can take on all the other mounts mentioned this month. Except maybe Bela. 😛









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