Phoenix Comicon Friday 2015 Field Report

These are my notes from the events of Friday May 29, 2015 at Phoenix Comicon.

9:45 Day two of the annual Convention has commenced, and Darth Anexandros and I have arrived early, so we can get good parking and he can find his way to the morning panel he wants to attend. Nothing was open yet, not even the exhibitor halls, so we watched people today, sitting around and waiting to enter. I saw Deadpools dance, several amazing costumes and even met  up with a fairly recent acquaintance to chat briefly before I delved into the Exhibitor hall.


10:45 Anexandros and Blackheart are at panels that interest them but not me. I wander the Hall of Exhibitors and go see places I did not see in yesterday’s excursion and talking to a few artist, comic book vendors and the like.

I decide to look for artists. I need someone to do some artwork for a different project.

11:20: I get bored and go wait for Anexandros’ panel to end. He was highly dissatisfied with the panel he attended, as he felt that he a) learned nothing new b) was angry that all the panelists seemed to know nothing about the topic at hand.

12:00 We meet up with Blackheart, who was also dissatisfied with his panel, which was nothing more than a large panel praising He-Man with no real discussion. The group of us go to the dealer room again to meet with a few vendors.

12:30 Minion has a new pet: a shoulder dragon he’s named “Buttercup.” After some time meeting with people in the Dealer Room to discuss transactions and business, we eat lunch.

1:00 We return to the Hall of Heroes with Blackheart, where Anexandros interviewed one of the convention Guests, an amazing pumpkin artist (more to come). Blackheart interviews a Mermaid.

3:00 I head to my panel, “Ladies in the Genre,” about Strong females in science fiction. I lead the part on the Whedonverse. The participants seemed to enjoy the panel, and we had some great discussion about the topic.

5:00 After the completion of my panel,  the group of us returned to the dealers room. After a while, we seperate and Elvinwolfsinger meets up with Anexandros and me. We wander the dealer’s room for some time.

I met author Brian Staveley, who wrote “the Emperor’s Blades,” a book I read last year for Dragonmount that I remember enjoying.

The three of us eat dinner and go to wait for our next chosen panel.

8:00We wait in the room where the future panel will be held, only  to hear the tale end of a discussion of Romance in Dragon Age Inquisition.

The final panel of the night was about the cheesiness of the 1990s, and was hilarious.

I learned of the existence of this gem:


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