Non-Traditional Magical Mounts

This month is Magical Mount Month at Land of the Nerds, and we’ve done a lot of focusing on My Little Pony, Dragons, and other creatures ridden into battles and such. But there are several creatures in myth, film, and stories that can be seen as “non-conventional mounts.” Now, generally, when I talk about “mounts” I’m talking about creatures that we ride to get from one place to another, typically into battle. Today, I am going to talk about a variety  non-traditional magical mounts.

But sometimes, these creatures are also those that pull our chariots/sleighs/means of transportation.  I call, for example, the Reindeer of Santa Claus.


These are creatures that are magical and do more than the traditional reindeer would do, by pulling a sleigh full of toys.

Before I continue, you will notice the first several on this list are from Norse Mythology. There’s a reason for it. It is because the norse gods were a bunch of Bad Ass MOFOS who rode WHATEVER THE HECK they wanted to. Who wants to ride a BORING HORSE when you can ride an 8-legged horse (Sleipnir) or any number of other magical beings?

So, without further ado, let me discuss Non-Traditional Magical Mounts!


Freyja is the Norse goddess of love, sexuality and beauty. She has a number of stories about her, but the cool thing I’m going to tell you today is that she rides a chariot driven by Cats:

Because, I mean… CATS!

She also has a boar, in case she can’t get her cats together in time, named Hildisvíni, or “Battle Swine:”


Of course, her cats look awesome, but that’s nothing when compared to the ride of her brother, Freyr.


Freyr is the god of kingship, prosperity, virility, sunshine, and a lot of other stuff. He’s an important dude.  Freyr rides the dwarven-made boar Gullinbursti, which means “Golden Mane”or “Golden Bristles.”

Gullinbursti was made as part of a dwarven challenge out of a dead boar skin. Gullinbursti heals and glows as long as there is light on any of its bristles.8429-Freyr-Gullinbursti-Norse-God-bronze-statue-b

Freyr also had an awesome ship, Skíðblaðnir,  which always has a favorable breeze and can be folded together and carried in a pouch when it is not being used.

But what discussion of the Norse gods would be compete without talking about our favorite god, Thor?

Thor Odinson:

Thor rode goats. He had two goats, named Tanngrisnir (teeth-barer, snarler)and Tanngnjóstr (teeth-grinder). As long as he did not suck the marrow from the bones and covered the bones with the skin of the goats, Thor could eat the goats and resurrect them with Mjölnir every morning. They are dinner and transportation.


Flight of the Valkyries

Valkyries are powerful beings. They are women that fly above battlefields, selecting who will die bravely in combat, selecting some from those numbers to go to Valhalla to become einherjar and feast in Valhalla with Odin.

But they don’t do this on their feet. Valkyrie ride a number of things as they are in battle.


Valkyries ride horses, wolves, ravens, swans, and more into battle.

Radagast The Brown:

I’m sure we remember when the Doctor became a Wizard:


I could go on and on with mythological beings, but I think I’d like to discuss another source of awesome “non-traditional” magical mounts: the world of Avatar” the Last Airbender .

Yes, this is a world that has dragons, but who can forget this fellow:
appaAppa, and his later counterpart, Oogi, the Flying Bison.

or This girl:


Naga, Katara’s Polar Bear Dog.

The world of Avatar: the Last Airbender has a lot of strange hybrid animals, many of which are ridden by characters in that world.

There is one more non-traditional Steed I must consider before leaving you.

Yes, I must.


That rounds out my list of Non-traditional mounts. I’m Moon Sedai, who knows (almost) everything. If you have any ideas for non-traditional mounts I may have missed, please hit me up here .


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