Mystery Babylon: A Comic Review

Mystery Babylon is a weekly web comic created by artist Val Hochberg (now known by Val Brazier).  I had a chance to meet and interview the artist at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest.

The premise of the comic is loosely based on the book of Revelation’s idea of a post-Apocalyptic society. There was a great and powerful war, one that ended the world, and afterwards, a thousand years of (relative) peace. Society as we know it is gone, what remains are ruins, and a few spare cities. But the millennium of peace is at an end.

Introducing the (two main) characters.

First and foremost is the titular character, Kick-Girl. Kick Girl is also know as “Mystery Babylon,” the daughter of the “goddess Vesta.” She is a strong character with a mysterious past. She is a demon who lived before the apocalypse, who survived the last thousand years and is destined to unlock the “Seal of the Pit,” although she has sworn never to do so. Kick Girl also unwillingly has a group of witless cult followers

Kick Girl and her fan Club (C) Val Hochberg

The followers’ masks are supposed to represent Kick Girl’s face, what they think she looks like.


Zero, (C) Val Hochberg

Zero is, in a word, adorable. He’s a priest of Vesta who was visited by an angel and given directions to the Pit. He drew the map that starts off the adventure, and is rescued by Kick Girl at the beginning of the story. He is bright and chirpy, compared to Kick-Girl’s darker attitude, and keeps the adventure moving, despite Kick Girl’s protests.

Kick Girl (c) Val Hochberg
Kick Girl (c) Val Hochberg

There are many other amazing characters in Kick Girl’s universe: an angel, some warriors, the cultists, the cultists leader, and even Kill Boy, a long-gone friend of Kick Girl’s.

The Good

The story is wild, entertaining, and well-thought out. The story is entertaining, the artwork is beautiful, and the characters are well-developed. The story has many levels of intrigue and interest, with prophecy and mystery. Unlike many other web comics, Mystery Babylon is broken up into a series of Chapters for ease of reading.

I also enjoy that the artist’s particular version of a dystopian future. The world has survived the apocalypse. The world as we know it is over, but there has been unprecedented peace (even if there are military units and warriors, they are more for fighting demons than other humans).

Mystery Babylon is smart, endearing,

The Bad

If I had to think of something bad to say about the comic, it’s that I feel I do not know enough about the back story, the pre-apocalyptic life of Kick-Girl.

The good news is that the artist has done some work on Kick Girl’s origins already. Kick Girl started out as her own comic (available for purchase from the artist’s web store).

Mystery Babylon: A Comic Review Reviewed by on . The main character is as mysterious as the comic's title, but an amazing protagonist and someone I look forward to following each week.

Kick-Girl Kicks Ass (and everything else, too)

The main character is as mysterious as the comic's title, but an amazing protagonist and someone I look forward to following each week.
Artistry 94%
Storytelling 85%
"That's Awesome" 98%
The artistry is beautiful, the story is fascinating, though the backstory still remains a mystery (at least to this blogger.) A recommended comic for everyone!



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