Face/Off’s Michael Faust Phoenix Comicon 2014

Michael Faust of Global Fear Enterprises discusses being on FACE/OFF Season 4. His brother, Matt Valentine, was a contestant on Season 2.  Faust covers a wide variety of topics including the tight effects community and the wide connection of his multiple jobs. Faust discusses complications of getting wardrobe/costuming jobs and actor performance with psychology to maximize the emotions for a haunted house production across long recurring shows. Faust covers his personal FACE/OFF challenge he would design. Faust also discusses his want to rebuild a national Superhero.

A refresher. During Face/Off Season 4, Michael co-created the “lava king” with fellow contestant Troy Rivers:

lava king

His brother Matt Valentine, in Season 2, created this guy:
Face Off

For those who haven’t yet, make sure you check out our interviews with other Face/Off contestants: Chloe Sens and Wayne Anderson. We also have an interview with Mo Meinhart, the model who was transformed into Maleficent during the convention. 

Face/Off Season 7 premiers on July 22 on the SyFy Channel

Note: Our video gets cut off at the end due to a personal emergency on the part of our sound guy. We are truly sorry we were unable to finish the interview, but we wanted to post what we had.


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