Land of the Nerds Presents: Cap’n Scratches Adventures

Ahoy mates!

This is a very special blog, perhaps even more so than my normal blogs. Because in this one, I’m going to talk about a project that is very dear to the Land of the Nerds Team.

I’m talking about Cap’n Scratches Adventures, an exciting film project that we at Land of the Nerds are involved with.

You might remember from my TLAPD blog the Arizona Corsairs award winning Talk Like a Pirate Day video. Well, the director of that film, Lyle Dillie, along with his friends in the Arizona Corsairs have decided to make a legitimate Pirate movie, Cap’n Scratches Adventures


Cap’n Scratches is an adventure/comedy short film, the first of a planned trilogy, about a pair of college friends who, after a night partying out on the town, decide to go get tattoos. Driven to a mysterious Tattoo parlor, the friends end up getting mixed up in the middle of an ongoing war between two rival pirate Crews: Cap’n Scratches and his foe, Cap’n Needles.

The film will play around with the idea of pirate and tattoo stereotypes. The Pirates in the film have a fascinating back story (to be explored in CSA part 2) but live like they are classic era pirates in the modern day.

This film project is a real labor of love for the Land of Nerds crew; Director Lyle Dillie is the Land of Nerds Webmaster. The Script has been painstakingly written and prepared by the Land of Nerds staff of writers (Moon Sedai and Anexandros). Our Friends at the Arizona Corsairs are providing battle choreography, a few of the props, and will be some of the extras in the film.

Here’s the fun part. We have launched a Kickstarter at this page here:


Among the other rewards listed on the Kickstarter page, let me sweeten the pot:
We’ll thank you on our Land of Nerds Twitter and Facebook Pages.

I will also write a blog thanking each and every contributor to our Kickstarter, by name, praising how awesome and intelligent and just how epic awesome you are.
I’ll include a picture of our top contributor (If provided).
That’s in addition to the awesome Cap’n Scratches swag we have listed on our Kickstarter Account.

We need the money for a few things:

1st: to build the tattoo parlor set for the main scenes of the film and rent supplies for the set. We can’t just film in a tattoo parlor, as most are too small to allow for film crews and the battle scene to take place in the film. (We also don’t want to shut someone’s business down for a few days while we film).

2nd: To help with the Kickstarter rewards (except for the online thank-yous).

3rd: For other props, costumes, and professional video equipment that we don’t otherwise have access to.

We want Cap’n Scratches to be a film that we (and our backers) can be proud of.

If you are interested in backing Cap’n Scratches, please see our Kickstarter page.

If you are interested in auditioning for a role, please contact us at __________________________________ about auditions.

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