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Hi, Moon Sedai here, and I want to talk about why I haven’t been writing on this ol’ bloggy blog in a while. I’ve been writing my own books and book series.

The series is called the Olisbeth Mason Chronicles, and I have two books published: My Lady Olives and My Lost Arthur.


Art by Kelci D Crawford.

It focuses on a young woman, (Olisbeth Mason) who finds out that she is the goddess Athena, and that her boyfriend Arthur Thomas is Artemis.

That’s right. A male Artemis, and female Apollo. Phoebe Thomas, Arthur’s twin, is Olisbeth’s best friend/roommate.

The first book, My Lady Olives takes place at their college, “Elysian State University” where the twins are in graduate school and Olisbeth is an undergraduate. The book tells the tale of them meeting, becoming friends, and of the dangers facing Olympus.

The gods are dying, disappearing, and no one knows what’s happening to them. Worst of all, Athena is involved in a 1,000 year old curse and a 2,000 year old prophecy dooming her to a fate that could break her power and cause the downfall of Olympus.

My Lost Arthur picks up shortly after the end of My Lady Olives, following the adventure to Greece. Olisbeth and Arthur have decided to get married, and when some of the other gods decide to throw Arthur a “Bachelor Mystery,” the entire party gets lost, stranded on the island inhabited by the ancient sorceress Circe.

In the meantime, Olisbeth finds herself trapped, unable to reliably use her powers to locate Arthur and stuck in a foreign country with few friends and no family to help her out. She meets a mysterious stranger, a woman with an overbearing curiosity about Olisbeth and her family back home.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be putting in blurbs from the two books, as well as other pieces of writing related to my books (Character profiles, deleted scenes, etc).

Oh, and for those of you who want to go ahead and buy them, they are available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback!

Kindle: My Lady Olives 

Kindle: My Lost Arthur


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