Land of the Nerds Doctor Who Trivia Challenge

Welcome to the Land of the Nerds Doctor Who Trivia Challenge! There are three Rounds, The Ninth Doctor and Beyond, The Creature Name Game, and the Multiverse of Knowledge. Each correct answer will yield our contestants a single point, and the Contestant with the most points at the end of the game will win the game and be the Land of Nerds Doctor Who Compan… I mean Champion! !!

Host – Richard Christ

Annika van Neck – Robin Nicholson – Wendy Peel-Grapentine

Land of the Nerds –
Leprecon. Inc –
DiCarlos Pizza –
Raiding Parties Card Game –
Desert Sea Design –
Arizona Corsairs –

Director / Stage Manager – Lyle Dillie

Morgan Oviatt – Mandy Oviatt

Video Control Operator – Benny G. Aguirre

Judge – Lupe Chavez

Camera Operator
Joe McKiernan – Larry Dillie

Editor – Desert Sea Design

Music and Sound – Michael Aman

Special Thanks
Timothy Brown – Michael Frett – Patti Hultstrand – Jeffrie Scruggs – Roxanne Dillie – Sean Locksa

Performed by Scych

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