Kingdom of Umbria Interview: Phoenix Comicon 2014

In this segment, Moon Sedai interviews the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Umbria: The King, the Queen Mum, two retired Kings, and a Baroness. The Kingdom of Umbria is a 501c3 Educational non-profit corporation, dedicated to recreating the skills and activities of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

During Phoenix Comicon, the Kingdom displayed several pieces from their collections: science, weaponry, and battles. They do recreations and discussions of events from 1066 (the Norman invasion of England) to 1603, with the death of Queen Elizabeth I.

Umbria is the Phoenix Chapter of the Adrian Empire, an organization dedicated to teaching about Medieval and Renaissance European Culture and history.

For more informatino about the Kingdom of Umbria, check out their website:
For those outside Phoenix, check out the Adrian Empire at their homepage:



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