Series Review: The Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews

“The world has suffered a magic apocalypse. We pushed the technological progress too far, and now magic returned with a vengeance. It comes in waves, without warning, and vanishes as suddenly as it appears. When magic is up, planes drop out of the sky, cars stall, electricity dies. When magic is down, guns work and spells fail.”

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The Kate Daniels series takes place in a futuristic world where magic and technology exist together. Together might be putting it loosely as you can see in the above quote. When magic hits, technology breaks down. When tech hits, magic breaks down. It is in this world that Kate was born. The series consists of seven published books (till date), two novels under contract and several short stories.

Book One: Magic Bites

Plot: Kate’s guardian is murdered and she has to find his killer. But her guardian was closely involved with the Pack of shapeshifters and People, a group who pilots vampires. She is caught between these two groups with a pressure to solve her guardian’s murder or she might not be able to avoid Curran, the leader of the Pack. Meanwhile, a serial killer is on loose and his target may be loose.
Comments: A world where vampires and shapeshifters both exist and shapeshifters are better…hmmm…it does stink of Twilight. And the whole story is in first person. And there is a love triangle. Could it be worse? But Curran’s scenes are so funny even if he comes out to be a creepy stalker at times. Kate is a secretly powerful mage in command of more than average power words and why did her father almost let herself get killed. She has a brilliant command over her sword and a character to look forward to. Derek is a weird sidekick.

Book Two: Magic Burns

Plot: The flare, a surge in magic, has hit Atlanta and an evil god might be returning to this world, the Pack’s maps has be stolen and Kate has to take care of Julie and help her find her mother.
Comments: Don’t underestimate kids, Julie is awesome and annoying at the same time. Kate’s past is quite mysterious and why is her blood so special? Kate’s sense of humor is unrivaled. Its so good to have a girl who can use a sword and be funny.

Book Three: Magic Strikes

Plot: Kate receives a call from Saiman that Derek has broken into his house. To save Derek Kate has to agree to go to Midnight Games with Saiman and then Derek convinces her to give a letter to a girl from him. But after the Games, Derek is found almost dead and a team in Midnight Games might be after an artifact which be dangerous to the Pack. Kate, Jim and some others have to participate in the Games and violate Curran’s first and most important rule.
Comments: This book has rakshas! I so rarely get to see references from Indian mythology in fantasy books that when I do either I love the book or I hate it. And this book is definitely not on the hate list. More information about Roland is given and he is emerging to be a cold villain.

Book Four: Magic Bleeds

Plot: Kate has got the job of dealing with most problems that involve shapeshifters. She is called to investigate a fight at Steel Horse, a bar at the edge of the territories of People and Pack. A new disease has been found and a new adversary too. But this time, the adversary is thousands of years old and a terror of various civilizations. And related to Kate.
Comments: More information about Kate. Kate’s character develops and sometimes make me want to cry at how noble she is in spite of being so messed up.

Book Five: Magic Slays

Plot: Ghastek calls Kate at her new agency to help with catching a vampire. The vampire comes close to Cutting Edge where Ghastek manages to get it in control but looses the control of the vampire. The vampire is killed soon but this is one of the first incidents which hints at the existence of a machine which might wipe out magic and a group which wants magic to be a thing of past. They want to wipe out all magic…no matter the cost to human life.
Comments: His Furriness, I so love it when Kate calls Curran that. I am in love with this series at this point. There is just so much action and even the romance seems real. The strong heroine is strong and not fake strong as is the usual case. The secret group is a reminder that changing one thing might not be for everyone’s benefit and remember to look at the big picture.

Book Six: Magic Rises

Plot: Pack’s children frequently go loup, become berserk, and have to be killed. Curran has been offered a deal for a medicine which might reduce chances of children going loup but for that he has to travel to the other side of the world with only a few members to accompany him. On the other side of the world, someone may have different ideas for bringing Kate there. Curran might be interested in someone other than Kate too!
Comment: Hugo and Kate’s swordfight was one of the best scenes and I just has to mention that. The story shows what shapeshifters else are like and introduces a sinister group of shapeshifters. Kate and Curran scenes are heart touching…after they resolve their differences. Aunt B…that cannot happen.

Book Seven: Magic Breaks

Plot: Kate has to attend the Conclave alone with Curran away. there it is found a Master of Dead was killed by a shapeshifter or so it seems. Kate is given 24 hours to solve the murder. Hugo has set his sights on Kate and wants to deliver her to Roland
Comments: Reminder: This is not the last book! Roland, I don’t care if he is a villain but I think he is good for civilization in many ways and I would totally work for him. Also, we finally get to see Roland in this book.

So that is my summary of the whole series book by book but here are some points that strike me for the whole series as a whole. I like this series even if its in first person. I even had problems adjusting to third person after reading it. Werecreatures are better than vampires and still I love this series. Saiman, Hugo, Roland, Curran, Derek, Aunt B, Andrea and of course Kate herself are all wonderful well written real characters and make it a pleasure to read this series.

I would giving this series a rating of 5/5. Please do treat yourself to it.

Series Review: The Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews Reviewed by on . The book series as a whole is striking and entertaining. Please do Treat yourself.

Amazing series

The book series as a whole is striking and entertaining. Please do Treat yourself.
A Must Read!
Saiman, Hugo, Roland, Curran, Derek, Aunt B, Andrea and of course Kate herself are all wonderful well written real characters and make it a pleasure to read this series.

Editor’s note: the writer of this blog did not receive free copies of this book series for review.

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