Just got back from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The first Guardians movie was something special. I called that film the younger generation’s Star Wars. That meant any film that followed was going to have tough shoes to fill.

The film is really just meant to be a setup film for Avengers 3 and not much else beyond that. So what we got delivered was alot of filler making jokes about Starlord’s music too much and a bunch of stuff we saw similar to Doctor Strange.

That was what made the first Guardians films special it was fresh and not really a superhero film, but in return gave us something. Instead we got much of the same stuff as before, crappy cameos, and a misused concept that could have been so much more.

When I watch these Marvel films recently I think the filmmakers are now just to focused on what can we do for one lining laughs and how can we throw unnecessary cameos in.

That is the issue with this sequel instead of giving us something new it does not it just delivers like the average sequel. The average sequel filmmakers say we have a hit, a formula, and a story to just change a few minor things, but nothing really changes much from the first film.

Focus on giving us something new with an in depth character development and fantastic story. Maybe the only character that grew in this story was Nebula.

As for the average fan they will like this film. As for me, I just wanted more. Is the film great? No Is the film good? No The film is just an average film at best. The film does not hurt the franchise, but does not help it either.

In comparison I would use Rogue One as an example. Before going into Rogue One I thought Empire was the most solid film of the Star Wars franchise. After Rogue One, I debated that a person could literally watch Rogue One and New Hope together and it would be the same film. Rogue added so much that I now debate with myself what is the better film New Hope or Empire.

I give this film a solid 6/10 it delivers where it is supposed to, but fells to give us a great continuation. That instead focuses too much on comedy and a mediocre concept that in some form I have seen fail everytime except in Transformers The Movie 1986. Let me just say this Egos is no Unicron.

I will say this, that this film is probably the most important film to see before Avengers 3.

I think the issue here is that the comic universe in film is getting so overused now that unless the film is something special then we have seen it, have hit the wall, and now are just tired of these films. I make no secrets when I say I hit the wall with Captain America: Civil War. To be honest we may get that special film, but we are so exhausted with comic films seeing upwards of 10 or more coming out a year that we would not know a good one when it hit us anymore.

It seems like 20 percent of the population give this film a 6 or 7 out of ten and metacritic is at 67/100.

Just got back from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Reviewed by on .

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Overall Score 6
6 I am not saying the film was bad, but leaves much to be desired.
In my honest opinion Guardians tried to rehash the first film in many ways and yet failed at many levels. The film came across in many ways as of fanboy at the helms opus.

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