Jonathan Nelson – Interview at ALAC

Anexandros from Land of the Nerds interviews Jonathan Nelson, artist and creator of The Wool of Jonesy, a comic book discussing life as a Native American through the eyes of a sheep.

Nelson talks about his influences,

The Wool of Jonesy is about a sheep, Jonesy, who is a Navajo

The wool of Jonesy begins with a few words:
Jonesy wakes one warm spring morning and as the day goes on he finds himself in new situations. We start on the northeastern edge of the Navajo reservation in the farming community of Hogback, N.M. Having just finished high school, Jonesy has been weighing his options for his future. Today, he is no rush to get moving.”

The rest of the story is told entirely in pictures.

Cover, "Wool of Jonesy #1"
Cover, “Wool of Jonesy #1”

The book can be purchased in PDF format from for $1.00

Take a few minutes and check his book out, it’s very enlightening and beautifully drawn !

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