Jeff Barbanell, M.Ed. (ASU) – Scholastic Innovations Interview at ALAC

Jeff Barbanell uses the mantra of learning by discusses the exciting applications of getting technology into the classroom in sutra and the uses attached involving autistic students, visual learners, and using comic book creation software in making the tantra of teaching the next generation of graphic and narrative storytelling. The idea is that using comics in education is an excellent way to help students learn.

Comic books can be an excellent teaching and learning tool. Anyone who’s worked with junior high and high school students has seen that visual learning is very prominent in young students, and using graphics and comics to help relate stories and lessons can be an excellent learning tool.

Jeff talks about the different ways to use storytelling and comics to educate young children.

To help connect comics and students, check out the site Reading with Pictures:

or to learn about the Comics Association of Professional Educators (CAPE) see their page:

Interview conducted at Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural center during Phoenix Comicon 2014:

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