How to fill a public Star Wars event to capacity.

If you want to have a party/event, you’ve got to get the word out, and you’ve got to have something awesome (rock band, pool, adult beverages, etc.). So if you want to have a Star Wars party, same rules apply – but you’ve got resources.

There’s probably some fellow nerds in your land who want to lend a hand, and make your party fully awesome. So let’s assume you already have a venue and time and all the event logistics planned out. This article is more about how to make sure the sprinkles on top are going to rock.

Star-Wars-Costume-2Job One: Get the word out. Hit the Internet. Check out Facebook and for local groups into Star Wars, possibly science fiction (yes, yes, Star Wars is not science fiction, we know). They best result here is that you find a group with lots of members who would want to go to a Star Wars party. Instant force multiplier! Be sure to tell them to tell their friends. Now they can tell all their friends about the party, and they will passionately extol about how awesome this party will be. If you can’t find groups, find individuals and work with what you got. Something is better than nothing! But be sure to tell everyone to tell their friends about whats going to be AT the party.

Job Two: Fully functioning awesome party. This is a Star Wars event, so there’s a galaxy of options. There are simple ideas here, and there are bigger ideas. Simple might be getting a few lightsabers and bringing them to an event (I have a friend who does this every Wednesday night at a bar, and it has been non-stop meme fuel).11230611_922505411126769_8252303576563601660_n A bigger idea might be having a squad of stormtroopers show up. Again, your first stop should be the Internet. Find the closest 501st Garrison/Rebel Legion – these are the guys that make their own stormtrooper armor, rebel pilot flightsuits (and everything in between), and do all kinds of good deeds all over the place. Contact them and see if they might be interested in augmenting your event. Sometimes they ask for a donation for making an appearance (they might have to come a long way, and they’ve usually spent a lot of time and money on their costumes), so make sure you get all the details. But there are younger members, too, all of whom might just want to come to a party.

11168097_455439431286300_6812793150939212643_nAlso, there are more and more Jedi/Sith groups popping up all over (like mine – Space City Sabers!). These guys put more emphasis on lightsaber combat and choreography. Trust me on this – lightsabers liven up any event. If these guys look halfway decent and can do a little choreography, everyone will be into it. We are routinely asked to teach groups some basic lightsaber moves, and now we’re doing this at conventions. Always a lot of fun.

In case you’re looking for ideas for your Star Wars party, here are a few winners:

Jawa Junk Costume Contest: Set a really low maximum amount contestants can spend on Star Wars costumes. This tends to make it a lot more fun, as it makes it impossible for someone to take it too seriously and spend hundreds of dollars getting a costume to blow everyone away, making it less fun for those with not as much coin.

Replicant Re-enactments: Everyone has to partner up and then draw random Star Wars scenes hqdefaultout of something to re-enact. Bonus points: have the soundtrack MP3s stored somewhere and write the correct track name/# on each scene so they can do it with the music.

Lightsaber Tournament: You can get lightsaber toys that are pretty cool for $40 each online or go to Home Depot and make some “training sabers” out of PVC pipe, pipe insulation, and duct tape. You might want to make some ground rules about no head shots. Bonus points: have someone with some experience give everyone some Jedi training so everyone feels a little better about their saber skills.

Star Wars cooking: Lots of recipes out there are easily modified into Star Wars themes (Popcorn becomes Cloud City Kernels, Gummi Worms become Hutt food, and Darth Tater skins are popular too)

Want more ideas? Pinterest, my friends; repository of all party theme ideas.Star-Wars-party-food-ideas

May the Force be with your event!


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