Highway to Hellscream: The World of Warcraft Mounts


It’s level 20 and you’ve finally reached the pivotal level. Like a newly minted 16 year old, you get your apprentice riding and head toward the nearest mount seller.


As any first-time teen can tell you, the first ride is slim pickings.       wowjalopy

The mounts are slow, plain and are only a little better than walking everywhere. These mounts are big old signs saying “Hey, gank me, I’m a noob.” (Translation: look at little ole me. Come and kill me with one hit because you’re an Ally Scum)


wowridingelekkgreywowridingdirewolfskinbrown wowcockatricemountwowridingramskinbrown

As you’re plodding along, you dream of the day when you get the good mounts. Y’know, the “swift” version of the mount.


You can really feel the wind in your hair. Or beard. Or tentacle-things.


Then, lo and behold, you can fly. Got a mountain in the way? Have a lake you don’t want to swim over? Or do you just want to avoid all the random critters while you’re questing? The world is your oyster.



It isn’t until you start getting some of the “nice” mounts that the craze hits.


Who would’ve thought that you would spend weeks or months trying to get a specialty mount.wowpandarenserpent_lightning_green

You spend weeks trying to get all of the achievements for an achievement mount.



You wait for server reset every week for your chance to kill a boss, hoping for a random drop.


You quest for months, killing creatures and finding supplies so that you can craft a mount that looks like a Dizney rip-off.

And the rage when someone steals the mount… You better hope that they don’t have a big alternate faction guild or you’re going to be t-bagged so hard. For days.


There will be revenge.



Raiding achievement mounts take a lot of time and effort. If one person in your group fails, everyone fails. You then achieve the title of “She who stands in shit.” (You get nothing for this achievement. Just shame. )


Once a week, for almost a year, my guild ran Icecrown Citadel, first in 10-man, then in 25-man so that everyone in my guild had the chance to get the achievement mounts.

 wowridingundeaddrakeblue-armored-img4 wowridingundeaddrakered-armored-img4

(And the armor for transmog. Transmogging armor is the WOW version of taking a clotheshorse to the mall and waiting for hours while they try on clothes and accessories, asking if their butts look big in this spiked, flaming armor)


Once a new patch came out, the guild would gather to destroy raid bosses and world bosses in the hope that a rare mount drops. Once a week, our hopes and dreams were shattered. These were the status symbol. You are a lucky bastard.


Plus, you have to have them in all four colors:


 wowridingsilithidtankskinarmoredyellow wowridingsilithidtankskinarmoredred wowridingsilithidtankskinarmoredgreen wowridingsilithidtankskinarmoredblue

 (This set. Ugly. Bugs. And you can only ride them in one area. ONE. )

Plus, there are some mounts that you want just because you’re too hardcore to be a Brony (hashtag sarcasm hashtag JK)

Twilight Sparkle, is that YOU?!
Twilight Sparkle, is that YOU?!

Whatever your passion and reason for farming mounts, it’s a long, hard journey. So, good luck.



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  1. MatthewShields

    LOVE the title! And, as someone who has never played, but has had many friends and siblings who have, nice to finally understand the process!

  2. moonsedai

    That is a lot of mounts. 
    I can see how someone can send hours getting sucked into the game.

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