Five Nerdy Things: a quick update.

Hello Land of the Nerds Readers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything substantial here on the site, so I thought I would take a moment to talk with ya’ll for a few minutes.  So, here are the Five Nerdy Things Moon Sedai wants to talk about today.

Warning: many of my thoughts below could contain spoilers for shows or whatever. That is not intentional, and I will try to avoid spoiling if I can get away with it.

 1. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

First of all, I haven’t yet seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but I haven’t missed an episode of SHIELD yet. And this is the first nerdy thing I want to talk about. 

Having not yet watched Captain America 2, I’m fairly certain I’m missing stuff in this whole “Hydra” business.


      This show has thrown me for a loop multiple times since it started earlier this season. I was convinced that Ward and Skye would be a couple by now. I thought Coulson was either an Android or a Clone, and that he was Skye’s father. I was fairly certain that Melinda May was a rogue spy (even before it came out she was reporting to Fury about Coulson) and that Fitz and Simmons would be revealed to have some super evil dark secret like they were secretly working for the Clairvoyant. I did, however, see Garrett as a bad guy.

Boy, have I been wrong. The very episode that outed Agent Ward as Hydra I saw the long look between Coulson and Ward and thought “Maybe Ward’s a double agent, pretending to be Hydra as a counter-insurgent” or something. But it appears I’m wrong.

I’m a little bothered by Skye’s mysterious past as an “0-8-4.” Can’t Joss Whedon, just ONCE have a ‘lead female hero’ that doesn’t have some wonky organization (like the Watchers, SHIELD, Blue Sun, or the Doll House) mess with her life in some way? It’s very… Creepy.
I will write more on this for another blog, but for the moment, just float with me on this: Whedon can’t seem to have a series without at least one female that has had some group, outside of herself, mess around with her life/brain/destiny that imbued her with superpowers.


  1. Game of Thrones

Nerdy Thing #2:  So, this season has already had the most satisfying scene in all of the books.


has unleashed a possible accidental spoiler for the book readers. But for me, the Hound has it for me this season.
For those who haven’t seen the fake KFC Commercial:

I hated the Hound of the Books, but am finding myself liking him more and more in the show. The same with Sansa, actually. Book Sansa I wanna slap in the face most of the time while I’m reading her. Show Sansa? I can respect and like.

The rapey scene between Jaime and Cersei wasn’t needed, in that fashion. Honestly, it’s disturbing enough that there’s this consensual inscestual relationship and the originally written “Jaime and Cersei reunite after time apart to go at it by their son’s corpse.” HBO didn’t need to add a rape dynamic to it. Especially male-to-female rape. (How much more powerful would the scene have been if CERSEI attacked JAIME? Even if it didn’t make sense for where the characters were in the story).

That complaint aside, this has been a highly satisfying season and I’m excited for the rest of this one.


  1. Supernatural:

I’ve really gotten into Supernatural these last few months, and I want to only say one thing about this week’s Bloodlines episode. If this is supposed to be an establishment for a spin-off, then I’m not watching that spin-off. Cause I think I’ve seen that show before, or heard that story in the form of an RPG. Vampires, Werewolves, monsters running a large city? Or society? The episode couldn’t hold my attention.

Bah. Just give me some Sam and Dean, please.


  1. Doctor Who:

I finally went back and watched a Doctor Six Storyline after my immediate, and what I called “rational” dislike of Colin Baker’s portray during his introduction in a previous blog.

Still not a fan, but I’m not as hateful towards Doctor Six as I once was.

And I think Peter Capaldi will be an amazing Doctor.

Who cares if he’s not “young” like Tennant or Smith? He’s the Freaking Doctor!
I have a few things to say on that “new Doctor is too old” stuff:

Hugh Laurie, Antonio Banderas, Chris Meloni, Jimmy Smits, George Clooney (Minus Batman), Denzel Washington, Dylan McDermott, Sean Connery.

Hugh Laurie

All actors 50+ years old. And they all rock.

Age has nothing to do with acting ability or sex appeal. And I’m not particularly worried about that last one as a trait for the Doctor. I just think Peter Capaldi will be brilliant in the role, and I’m excited to see what he does.

5. My own works

One of the reasons I haven’t written as much here on Land of the Nerds is that I have been writing my own book series! I currently have finished book one, and I’m about 75% done with book two. (I’ve written the main storyline, and I’m now editing).
Pending book covers (I’m trying to find a good book cover for my two books and for the planned third) I will be publishing them before the end of the year. And will talk about them in more detail once I have done so.

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