Field Notes, Phoenix Comicon 2015: Thursday

Being the records of Pseudo-Anthropologist, Moon Sedai, on her second excursion to the annual sacred summer festival called “Phoenix Comicon,” held from May 28-31, 2015, this field guide represents an accurate report of Moon’s overall experiences at the convention.

The line

10:00 AM Pre-convention is an ultimate experience of people-watching. I’ve seen anime characters, ghosts, twins, goths, warriors, punks, and even a black knight as well as “normals.” Golden-shirted guardians prevent the Svartalfar from getting on the Bifrost and into Asgard.

Moon waiting in line
Moon waiting in line

‘Tis early yet, as the market is not yet open nor have any of these interesting things called “panels” begun. Have been told that despite my rank of “Media,” I still am not granted early access to certain parts of the venue. Have decided to wait until the remainder of my field team arrives to pursue further.

Mostly for the time being my convention experience has been one of waiting. The morning was greeted with an eager, hurried rush to get downtown, the Predator-like hunt for decent, inexpensive parking, and to get the identification cards to allow us access to the Convention and all it has to offer.

Darth Anexandros and I arrived early, around 9:30, and waited patiently amongst our people for the doors to the temple marked “Registration” to open so we could enter and obtain the marks of our holy caste as “Media Team.”

We got this show covered!
We got this show covered!

We now wait for our fellow traveling companions, Captain Blackheart, Minion, and the Cowboy to get to the convention.

Darth Anexandros sits at my side, seething with all the passion of the Sith. His passion is what makes him Sith, and he’s dressed in black: Black shorts, black shirt, black shoes. The cloak remained at home because, alas, this Field Excursion is in the middle of a hot desert near the beginning of the summer and he didn’t want to over heat.

12: PM:  My team mates have arrived, all except for the one designated “Cowboy.” We are going to see about entry into the secluded temple known as the “Hall of Heroes” now that our squad has greater numbers.

2PM:  Now that we’ve secured our entry into the Hall of Heroes, we’ve prepared news and information for our site by holding “moots” with two ‘tribes,’ or fan groups as they like to be called, and possible future discussions with a third. There were droids to build and Zombies to kill; much fun has been had by all.

3PM:Currently, the Cowboy is wandering the convention interviewing Ana, Ice Queen’s sister.

Darth Anexandros stole Minion for an hour to see one of these “panels” about “Conspiracies of Star Wars.” I’m certain Anexandros enjoyed the panel, as he has that same evil glint in his eye that he has whenever our resident evil genius is concocting a Cylon-like Plan of Action.

Speaking of Cylons, I hear that General Adama and Starbuck are here this convention. Anexandros has been warned against insulting these guests.
3:03 PM:  Minion has reported that he found Waldo. Minion has cheered “Banana” for discovering his inclusion in today’s field report.


Despite not dressing in overt costume practices known as “cosplay,” the team and I seem to be blending well with the natives. We have found our true homeland.

10:30 PM: I apologize for not logging the rest of my day in this field journal, as between 4 :30PM and 9 PM I spent within the area known as the “Exhibitor Hall” watching the fine people peddle their wares. I found many beautiful things I want to buy, and even met a couple of really neat people.

Portrait of a Serial Killer: George RR Martin Cosplay
Portrait of a Serial Killer: George RR Martin Cosplay

Around 6 PM, Darth Anexandros and I met up with a creature known as “Elvenwolfsinger,” a peculiar type of creature that wandered the nerd marketplace with us and helped us find a table that we were proud to call our people: the “Brown Coats” that gave us a ribbon to proclaim our allegiance.

Even after all that time in the “Exhibitor hall” we did not see even half the space, so we must brave the wilds tomorrow.

Field notes for tomorrow: Backpacks are great, and it is handy to pack the following things: a bottle for water, chap stick, cash, and painkillers. And a regular charger for my cellular device.

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