Ten Things I Hate about Who

Stuff about Doctor Who that Annoys this Fan

If you’ve been following the Dr. Who blogs on this site, you’ll know I’m a fairly recent convert to the world of Dr. Who. And for the most part, 99 percent of the time, I love the show. I really do.

But, sometimes, just sometimes, mind you, there are aspects of the long-running scifi show that annoy the ever-loving snot outta me.

 1. Weeping Angels…weepangel

The first time I saw these ladies, they terrified me. I lost sleep. The Angels were quite scary. This was the first David Tennant episode I’d ever seen, years before I started watching the show.
Then… I started watching Dr. Who. And the angels kept showing up.

The more often I see them, the less scary they were.

Honestly, the Weeping Angels would have been best left as a one-or-two-shot enemy. Scary, very little known about them, and terrifying each visit. The more that’s added to the myth of the weeping angels, the weaker they become as villains.

2. Doctor #4 Very Childish. And I know that’s his “thing” but, I’d heard so many people say that he was their favorite Doctor, that I had high expectations for him.

 romana doctor

Unfortunately, they all watched Doctor 4 when they were children.
Had I watched Doctor Who as a child, I would have loved him. But as an adult, first time viewer of Doctor #4, I just found him to be a little young for me.

And that makes me even sadder, that I’ve grown up too much to like a childish character

3. Doctor #6 just made my skin crawl.doc6

I need to give him a second look, I really do. But, he was a bit arrogant, and arrogance is not a thing I treasure in my heroes

 4. Every Companion (in the new series) Loves the Doctor.companions

Well, okay not every one does. But, let’s look at it.
Rose Tyler: Fell in love with 9, stayed in love with 10. Cute, not a problem. She had a good chemistry with the Doctor. (She at least flirted with other men a bit, though)

Martha Jones: He kisses her one time and she’s smitten, following him to nearly her doom because of a weird crush. And was jealous when he fell in love.
I like Martha, except for that: she mostly rescued herself when she got into trouble.

Donna Noble: Okay, she wasn’t there “to mate” because she was “a mate.” Bad example.

Astrid Peth: (not pictured) Voyage of the Damned- she loved him, too.

Amy Pond: She made little Rory Williams dress like him. She ran off with him before getting married. She kissed him, before he ran screaming at Rory about it. We could have done without that bit, I think, and still maintained the relationship the Ponds and the Doctor had.

River Song: She was raised to kill him, but fell in love with him, and him with her. (Okay, 11 and River were adorable together)

Clara- she fancied him. Of course, by then, his psychopath wife was dead.

Seriously, I mean, I love Dr. Who. But not every woman is going to be in love with what is essentially her boss (or coworker).

5. A God Unto himself.. see Waters of Mars.


By Waters of Mars, 10 had loved and lost and lost some more. He was near the end of his life, and knew it. He tries to change the world, tries to change time, and fails.
He brags about the nicknames his enemies have for him: Oncoming Storm. Don’t brag about your enemies nicknames for you in front of people who’ve never met you! That’s just bad stuff, there.

 6. Naieve 11:

Doctor 11 acted surprised and weird about the idea of human sexuality, even amused that the Ponds wanted “not bunk beds.” COME ON, MAN!

but we
“You’re… But we….” (Kissy noises)

Regardless of however weird ways time lords reproduce, we know that he married Queen Elizabeth I, and said her nickname was “no longer…”

 7. The Doctor’s Daughter.


Not her existence… but that she’s got that awesome, one-episode set up then NOTHING MORE!
On that note… who the heck is this lady?

the woman



Doctor’s Mommy? Romana? Susan? One of his other relatives? This woman was with the Time Lords at the End of Time and wanted to Save him, and he seemed to recognize her.


8. The Rachnoss queen: just bad acting.


She hisses like a bad vampire movie and wags her arms around. Just bad acting. It made me think of a halitosis commercial.

9. The Slitheen Okay, my they aren’t necessarily a story-line I dislike, but a good friend of mine really hates them.


Really? Farting Aliens who steal human skin? Barf.



the only thing missing is Silence.
the only thing missing is Silence.

Seriously, they need to find something new to endanger the Doctor. Throwing him up against EVERY ONE OF HIS ENEMIES? They did that, several times before.

Daleks. And cybermen. And Silence. And Sontarans, or any mix of them? Seen it!

I admit, some of these are weak things to dislike about the Doctor. I actually love the show, and was sad to see Matt Smith go, even if he wasn’t my favorite doctor ever. I’m interested in what they do with 12.

With all this being said, I Freaking LOVE Doctor Who.
I love the show, I love the stories,  and despite what it may seem from what I’d said earlier in this post, I actually don’t mind his companions, the romances, and Matt Smith’s Doctor.


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  1. Basel Gill

    The Doctor’s Daughter never showing up again is even more surprising when you consider that Tennant wound up marrying her in RL.

  2. mrbeebarf

    No no no…. You make some good points through out this blog, but I’ve got to drawn the line on the Rachnoss Queen. I enjoyed the way she hissed around and moved her arms. What did you expect from her? Shakespeare?!?! She was a giant alien spider queen. Have you ever seen a spider move? 

    Go to that address and skip to 0:59 and watch how that spider moves. The way she did her arms is the way that spiders move around. I enjoyed the Rachnoss Queen. I think you just misunderstood the role.

  3. moonsedai

    @mrbeebarf Okay, maybe you are right. We are all entitled to our ideas/opinions and such. Perhaps I did misread that situation. 

    Spiders still freak me the Hel out though.

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