Devcon 2016 Panel Announcement

Land of the Nerds and our video team, the Nerd Beards, are going to be at DevCon 2016, presenting a panel.

We are presenting a panel at Devcon 2016 this year!
Location: Saturday May 7th, 5:00-6:00 in SANDS 135.

Captain Blackheart, Anexandros and Moonsedai of the Land of Nerds crew invite you to come check out our latest episode of Nerd Beards. Nerd Beards is a crazy comedy video series of 1980s cartoon reviews. These cartoons of our childhood are not quite what we remember, so we relive the craziness today. Join us as we screen our Nerd Beards Smurf Episode and discuss the craziness of our favorite childhood cartoons.

We’re Going Smurfy Crazy!

Lon Smurfs

We will be premiering our Smurftastic episode of Nerd Beards about the Smurfs!

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