Desert Wraith… a Nerds of Chaos film.

Last Weekend, team “Nerds of Chaos” entered the Almost Famous Film Festival’s Fright Fest 72 hour short film challenge. We were one of 39 teams to enter, and we successfully completed the challenge. Our entry is a short film we titled “Desert Wraith,” is about a family lost in a desert dust storm.

As part of the challenge, we had certain guidelines we had to complete. First, the film was supposed to be horror, of some sort. Other than that, the film festival gave us some guidelines: the theme of “Wrong turn,” the prop was a phone (that had to be used), and one of the actors had to use the phrase “What was that?”desert wraith special effects


It was a grueling 72 hour challenge. Our script was essentially written, with only a few changes needed to allow the guidelines.  Production began Friday night at 7 pm, when we secured our actresses, make-up artist, costumes, and final props for the film. Saturday morning, we began filming interior scenes at the director Morgan Oviatt’s house. After several grueling hours, we drove far, far away into the desert to film our exterior scenes: with our family lost in the desert before meeting the ultimate terror.

Desert Sea Design productions provided all the equiptment necessary for Nerds of Chaos to make this film. After one day of filming and two days of editing, Desert Wraith has become a film that our production crew is vastly proud of.

set up special effects

Nerds of Chaos is the Film branch of Land of Nerds, where we hope to bring you more epic and amazing films like Desert Wraith in the future.

The a3f Fright Fest Short Film Challenge screening will The Top 20 Public Screening takes place Thursday, October 23 at 7p.m. at AMC Arizona Center 24 Theatres in downtown Phoenix. Tickets are $10 each. More information about it can be found here.


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