In Defense of the Sith

Hi, Anexandros here,

It has concerned me for quite some time how the Jedi are given the benefit of the doubt in matters of philosophy and how the larger portion of the conversation is from the perspective of the Jedi. This is one-sided media control and the wrong way to look at the fundamentals of being a Jedi rather than a Sith.


The larger part of the belief that anger makes a good Sith.

Jedi are not the good guys. Their position otherwise is media spin by those who have the power and the will to lie to you. Everyone wants to call the Galactic Senate “corrupt” because they lie, cheat and steal.

The vaunted Qui-Gon Jinn does all three. In the HoloNet recording “Phantom Menace,” Mister Jinn attempts to swindle an innocent toydarian by lying to to the reputable parts dealer that Republic credits which were not worth the paper they are printed on were in fact valuable according the the lying Jedi. In the Tatooine economic market, those credits are useless in Watto’s daily living. When Mister Jinn finds that his lies will get him nowhere, he then cheats the innocent Toydarian in a fair game by manipulating a chance cube. He abuses his Jedi responsibilities by gambling.


He also steals a military vehicle from the Gungans with no plans to return the vehicle. He abuses his position time and time again.

The party line is that the “Jedi would never lie to you, they are heroes.” Two words. Jedi Mind Trick. Stories across the galaxy of religion and morality will teach us that there are ten laws that are fairly sacrosanct of which lying and theft is right in there. You don’t steal, you don’t lie. And Qui-Gon is not the only one breaking these moral laws. His apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, a known assassin, looks right at some stormtroopers who are protecting the common trust and tells them “[t]hese are not the droids you are looking for.” Kenobi also lies to his potential apprentice with almost his first words, “Darth Vader killed your father.” No, Luke, Obi-Wan has become such a liar that he cannot even tell the truth first. You cannot trust a Jedi anymore than you can lick a lightsaber blade.

Bald-Faced Liars=Jedi

There is no emotion, only peace…is a lie.  If the Jedi are so peaceful, then why is one of their own using Form VII or Vaapad which requires anger? Because there is no peace for Mace Windu, only emotion exists. If anger is needed for his form, then he is not following his own Jedi code. If Emotion is so bad for you, then why does Yoda giggle at Luke’s initial meeting and Obi Wan’s lost Planet? Why does Obi Wan smile? Why does distrust exist in Mace Windu for an eight year old boy? If there is no emotion, then Obi Wan should not be glad to see his partner at the diner in the Attack of the Clones(Even the titles are purposeful propaganda)? If emotion is bad, then Mace Windu cannot be angry at Order 66 or Palpatine? Surely, Windu has faced worse problems than a senator.


For those of you astute enough to be paying attention, Yoda, the vaunted green head of the Jedi Council, is to blame for all of this. If we assume that Jedi are good then Yoda and his teachings are to blame. His entire line is corrupt. Whether we talk about Yoda’s first apprentice, Count Dooku, who leaves the Jedi and their hypocrisy to remove the corrupt Jedi from their place behind the thrones, whispering their lies into the ears of the Senate to make themselves stronger.

Or we can talk about Yoda’s second apprentice, the evil Qui-Gon Jinn, who is removed from power by a thankless Zabrak on Naboo. If you wish, we can talk again about Jinn’s apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, (Yoda’s grand-apprentice) who sneaks around a military fortress knowing he is a criminal. If it had not been for the timely intervention of the great Darth Vader, Kenobi might have escaped.

I suppose while we are talking of Darth Vader being the apprentice of all three of the hypocrites, we should consider that he was the vaunted Chosen One so he was chosen by destiny to right the balance of the lying manipulative thieving hobbits, I mean Jedi. And then there is his son, another apprentice of Yoda directly again, who has been so lied to by Kenobi and his cohorts that when Luke is confronted by a Sith who is honest, Luke is unable to rationalize that he is part of a long powerful dynastic line of noble powerful warriors, Luke is broken by all the lies and falls to his doom at Cloud City while his proud Sith father is forced to mourn the loss of his son.

Even the Emperor wants to save the boy. When Emperor Palpatine finally rids the galaxy of corrupt senators and streamlines the government, the Jedi realize their backbiting will no longer drive the powers-that-be, because Palpatine is immune to their baloney. The two most problematic Jedi each try to take out the most honest Force user in the galaxy. Windu gets blown out a window because he lets his emotions get to him. Yoda realizes that his attempts to obscure the Senate have done him in. He is the one who discusses the dark side. Yoda is the only one in the galaxy who seems to know or believe anything about the “Sith rule of two.”

Rule of Two

Palapatine doesn’t follow the rule of two, as he has multiple concurrent apprentices:

Training them all
Gotta train them all

Dooku also has two concurrent apprentices:

Asajj Ventress and Savage Oppress
Asajj Ventress and Savage Oppress

(Assajj Ventress & Savage Oppress)This “Sith Rule of Two” with only one apprentice seems to be something only Jedi do:

Yoda has also violated the Jedi rule of one apprentice at a time. Besides all of the “heroes of the films” who are Force Users, he trained Oppo Rancissis, every youngling,  Yoda is the one who preaches and deals in extremes. “Do or do not, there is no try” is spoken by the same Jedi who tells us only “Sith deal in absolutes.”

To be fair, Yoda can tell the truth and the “absolutes” quote is a true statement. Sith deal in absolutes… along with the other gray areas as well. Jedi do not deal in absolutes like “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Never do we see the Sith lie, cheat or steal anything in the entire filmic trilogies. Who are the bad guys again? Maybe Yoda is to thank for all the Jedi falling to the righteous lightsaber of the Sith.

Sith stay young.

force ghosts

There is a general understanding that if you are morally superior, you get paid off for it in the end when you win the jackpot. Eternal youth, gold, heavenly riches, all of these are payoffs for a life well-lived. An arete in life means an arete in death. When we see the end of the Chosen One at the end of Return of the Jedi, Anakin’s years of honesty, strength, diligence and a lifetime of being attacked by the morally bankrupt Rebellion lead him to naturally be young and powerful again unlike Obi-Wan and Yoda who have to train for years as hermits to exercise the very same ability. Not only that, but Anakin in death is able to have such a high sense of innate sensitivity to the Force that he is able to not only sense his son Luke on the planet Endor like Yoda and Obi-Wan who have become Force ghosts, but as the Chosen One, Anakin breaks the fourth wall and is able to sense the viewer as well , smiling in his wisdom that Sith honesty is better than immoral Jedi conniving.


It isn’t how long you live, it is how you live your life. Jedi disapprove of emotion, so any of their flashy tricks to impress the audience are proof that they lie about being anti-emotional. They tell you not to feel anything and then want you to cheer for them. Sith enjoy life, they love life, they drink wine, they love their partner with passion and  have joy and smiles and sadness and revel in the gamut of the universe.

Barney Stinson, Dionysus, Dexter Morgan, Walter White: All passionate people.
Barney Stinson, Dionysus, Dexter Morgan, Walter White: All passionate.

To be one with the Force is to be one with all of it. To close ones self off to the Force is to remain ignoring, ignorant, and willfully idiotic to that which is around you. If there are things that might harm you, like Jedi, pit traps, smugglers, liars, thieves, or honest danger to your way of life, should you not know about them? Sith care for the world. If Jedi despise emotion, then Yoda should not laugh when he tells us “Wars not make one great.”

If attachment causes heartbreak, then Yoda fails to inspire when he petulantly attacks R2-D2 in the swamp for a wrench yelling, “Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!” You can’t chastise a child for losing a mother and then tantrum over a flashlight and expect to be treated as a truthful and trusted leader. When Yoda talks about Sith, he talks about Sith like a Sith, in a straightforward and logical conditional statement way, as you would teach in a basic class on logic and philosophy (We will talk about this later) in which Fear leads Anger leads to Hate leads to Suffering.

Sith know this and when it is appropriate, that guide is used, but fear also leads to curiosity and curiosity leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to joy, joy leads to passion and these things make you more powerful.

It is clear that the Sith Code was written earlier as each line leads to the next line. In it, A->B and B->C, and etcetera. There is logic in the code. At the beginning, “A”, being Passion, leads to all letters afterward. This is the conditional statement that leads the rest of the lessons forward. Not Anger, not Rage, not Vehemence, not Retribution, not Malice, not Cruelty, not Temper, but passion in a Dionysian sense.

To be an epicurean who enjoys the deliciousness of fine foods and soft fabrics is to be a Sith.


To thrill in the lightsaber fight is to be a Sith. Thrill is an emotion. And to be passionate enough to make something this cool is to be a Sith.

To enjoy traveling the universe as a madman with a little blue box is to be a Sith.

madman box


Take a look at the movies very carefully and understand this when I say it slowly. Tosmileistobethe … Sith.

become sith

The lies of the Jedi Code teach us that a->b and c-d, but b&c are unconnected.At no point does the last noun of the previous sentence become the first noun in the second sentence. How does peace lead to ignorance, according to the Jedi Code? (The Sith know the answer clearly!)


The Jedi code is unconnected and hodgepodge, trying to teach lots of different things in a scattering instead of simply starting at a single lesson like the Sith and building off of each previously learned lesson. Like building a lightsaber, the better your training, the more you see that the blade becomes longer, better, more reliable when you understand how all the pieces fit together instead of putting a bunch of pieces and saying “the battery is attached to the wire” and “the crystal is attached to the frame” and “the emitter is attached to the socket” and “the nut is attached tot he bolt”. Well what are the relationships between the pieces other than that? What is the relationship of the battery to the emitter and when does the emitter affect the crystal in this thing?

Broken Jedi teachings can’t answer the fundamentals.

So find something you love and join me in reveling in the Dark Side. Join me in reveling in the Light Side. Just don’t call yourself a Jedi when you aren’t one at all. If I see you with a lightsaber, I will know that you are passionate about Star Wars and know that you are a Sith just like me. Not Angry, not evil, just not a Jedi.

And I also had not considered this until recently, but Darth Vader is the Father(duh!),…. he is the Son, being conceived of the Force, and by dying and coming back young, he becomes the Holy Force Ghost. and is seen at the end of Return of the Jedi as part of the Holy Trilogy. I just noticed that.

Anyway, I appreciate the time that you have given me in this long thought. As a Sith who is passionate about so many things, I encourage you to find your passions.


Darth Anexandros.

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