Defects by Overtime Comics : A Review

For those of you who have been following Land of the Nerds for a while, you will know that on occasion we review some of the amazing comics, books and games that we come across. Last year, we reviewed a book called Turbulence by Overtime Comics. Turbulence is about a burgeoning superhero, one who’s just learning his powers and coming into his own power. (check the above link for more about Turbulence.) This review is about Defects, another comic series by Overtime Comics.

Warning from the writers:
“A small word of warning, it is to violent and mild language for the wee ones. If you’re okay with your kiddo watching ‘The Walking Dead’ then this is “a’ok and then some” but we do want to include that warning. “

Defects by Overtime Comics : A Review Reviewed by on . Kids with superpowers and a thirst for Vengeance. What's not to love!

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Kids with superpowers and a thirst for Vengeance. What's not to love!
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This is a comic you should really check out, especially if you tire of traditional Superhero kids.

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In Accordance With my “Moon Sedai policy of trying to avoid spoilers,” I will try to review this comic without giving away too much about the overall plot. (Best to keep a few surprises for when you read the book!) I should also note that I received a copy of this comic for review, but it did not influence the outcome of the review.

Defects is about children with superpowers. But these kids aren’t your ordinary ‘good guy’ superheros. These are angry kids with super powers out on their own, wandering the world without adult supervision. The kids were students at a school for children with superpowers. The school experiments on, and with, the kids, and the main characters of Defects are children who have escaped the school. The children are convinced that all adults are going to harm them.

httpsdl.dropboxusercontent.comu13505635CompletedBooksDefectsVolume1_Finished.pdf - Google Chrome 1192015 92125 PM


I love the look of care and concern in the young girl’s eyes as the adult woman takes pity on her.

The story is very detailed and in-depth. There is the overarching goal for the kids to rescue their friend Drizzle.  They follow a strong leader, a boy named Game Plan who is convinced that the students were abandoned, and that they’re being used to form an Army. Game Plan seems to be the instigator of the horrible acts performed by the escaped kids.

From the very first frames of Defects, the story shows the kids, their powers, and the lengths to which they will go to save their friend Drizzle. 

httpsdl.dropboxusercontent.comu13505635CompletedBooksDefectsVolume1_Finished.pdf - Google Chrome 1192015 90150 PM

Here is more artwork, a point in the story that shows how devious some of the characters can be. The boy in the scene is Boogey. Throughout the book, Boogey has only one arm. This flashback panel shows how Boogey lost his arm. (I know, it breaks the spoiler policy, but the art in these panels is very entertaining.)
httpsdl.dropboxusercontent.comu13505635CompletedBooksDefectsVolume1_Finished.pdf - Google Chrome 1192015 91639 PM


Here is a pair of panels that I really enjoyed:


httpsdl.dropboxusercontent.comu13505635CompletedBooksDefectsVolume1_Finished.pdf - Google Chrome 1192015 95439 PMI love the split panel for one scene.

Things I liked: the color of the pages shifts (sometimes blue, sometimes white, sometimes black). I liked the creativity of the tale, the story, and even a bit of the blood and gore.

What I didn’t like: It took me a couple of times looking over the comic to figure out which kid was which. It helped that the kids nicknames were always related to the powers.

Check out Defects, and Overtime Comics other story, Turbulence at their website: Defects is available for $5 digitally and $20 in print format.


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