Dave Lee, purveyor of fine accouterments, contraptions of false perception and questionable relics.

For our interview this week for Land of Nerds we have Steampunk artist Dave Lee who has unique perspectives on what steampunk is and what the community is becoming.
He is a famous Icon in steampunk and Comicon circles and graciously agreed to take time off some magnificent builds to be with us for this interview.
(My voice has an echo to it for some reason so it is subtitled for the questions and they are listed here.
1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?
2. How did you hear about the steampunk subculture?
3. Why do you like steampunk?
4. What piece are you most proud of?
5. Is this hobby expensive?
6. How has your education or career prepared you for steampunk?
7. You have made many exciting pieces, a TARDIS, Dalek and recently made a large scale game character from starcraft can you go into your thought process when creating and devising them.
8. Who are your idols or would you like to work with?
9. Can you share how you got your first book published? How did you get noticed, what advice would you give to writers seeking publication?
10. steampunk’s become a buzzword and has been getting media coverage but what really makes the community so attractive? And what does that say about greater shifts in geek & pop cultures

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